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Adam Mitchell
Adam Mitchell
Genuinely appreciated the thoughtful consideration given to my immigration concerns. I didn’t feel rushed during the consultation and the outcome is something I’m comfortable with pursuing.
Mihai Calin
Mihai Calin
The level of understanding of Spanish taxes in connection with entities in other countries is top-notch. All my questions were answered spot on and I will definitely work with them when I move to Spain.
Sam GA
Sam GA
Entre Trámites is an essential service for immigrants to Barcelona! After struggling to deal with TIE renewal alone, they really helped to streamline the process. I highly recommend them to anyone dealing with immigration or tax topics in Spain.
Cisse Mory
Cisse Mory
Sebastián Sánchez López
Sebastián Sánchez López
Excelente servicio, todo muy rápido y organizado. No tuve dificultades con ningún trámite debido a la asesoría recibida, además de que María, la persona que me atendió fue muy amable y diligente. Encantado, los recomiendo mucho. Gracias!
Andres Guarin
Andres Guarin
Es el mejor servicio!! Me salvó de varios tramites que antes he tratado de hacer yo mismo y no podía. Excelente precio comparado con otros similares y la atencion es genial
Felipe Riveroll
Felipe Riveroll
Catherine Chavez
Catherine Chavez
I thought Maria was really good and friendly when looking at immigration options - thanks!
Andrea Comparoni
Andrea Comparoni
Excelente servicio, la atención recibida ha sido la mejor, contestan rápido y sin miedo a equivocarme la recomiendo al 100%.

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It is one of the easiest ways to obtain Spanish residency. This investor visa allows non-European citizens to obtain Spanish residence for 1 year (with possible future renewals to extend the duration of the permit). One of the benefits of this residence permit is that it does not require a stay in the country (more than 183 days). The applicant must visit the country on certain days.

If you intend to move to Spain to study, then the student visa is your best option. 

  • For those foreigners who are going to study in an educational center (either public or private). 
  • For non-European citizens who will start any type of research task in the country.

If you are a family member of an EU citizen or have formed a common-law or married couple with a citizen of the European Union, you can start living and working legally in Spain in a VERY SIMPLE way as if you were a resident.

  • Direct Relatives: Domestic partner or spouse (marriage).
  • First degree descendants: Children in common.
  • First degree ancestors: Father or mother of the EU citizen.

There are three main forms:

  • Entrepreneur Visa: If you plan to start your own company in Spain and it is an innovative and technological project.
  • Highly Qualified Worker: This visa is for those non-European citizens who have a job offer as a manager or similar high salary position.
  • Regular work permit: For those who have found a regular job offer in Spain that is eligible for visa sponsorship given the national unemployment situation.

If you have sufficient funds and are not thinking of doing any type of economic activity, the non-profit residence visa is the best option for you. It will guarantee you residency in Spain for 1 year, with the possibility of subsequent 2-year renewals.

It is a type of temporary residence authorization for exceptional circumstances that may be granted to certain foreign citizens who are in Spain without a visa. There are two types:

  • Social roots: Have family ties in Spain and are socially integrated.
  • Labor roots: the interested party must have had labor relations in Spain for at least 6 months.


This is the legal status possessed by those born in any Spanish territory and by foreign citizens who meet the necessary requirements, and which grant a variety of additional rights.

Nationality gives you the possibility to live and work in any other European country, it allows you to vote; and most importantly: it allows you to live indefinitely in Spanish territories. There are 4 ways to obtain nationality, these are:

  • Residence
  • Option
  • Descendants
  • Marriage


The first step to begin to reside legally in Spain is to obtain the NIE. The foreigner identity number is the basic document that you will need to identify yourself in the country. It will allow you to carry out any type of bureaucratic or legal process such as buying a home, buying a car, setting up your business or getting your residence permit.

This is a document by which a Spaniard or foreign citizen legally residing in Spain, requests to host a foreigner at their home for a period of upto 90 days. In this way, the resident agrees to take care of the visitor during his stay in the country. This is one of the requirements established for some tourists who are ineligible for visa free travel.

If you have a trip planned outside of Spain and your residence permit is in the renewal or extension period, it will be necessary to request this authorization, with which you will be allowed to leave Spain and later return to the national territory within ninety (90) days.

Leave your case in our hands. We will take care of any appeals or case administration that your case requires. If for any reason the Spanish Administration denies your request, we will use all our tools to reverse this decision and achieve your goal.

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