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Our Labor Advice Service

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Payroll preparation and administration:

Management of the procedures with the Social Security:

Management of the IRPF of your employees:

Additional procedures:

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Labor Service

Keep your employees up to date!
  • Payroll preparation and management.
  • Employment contracts, cancellations, discharges.
  • We take care of all the procedures with the Social Security.
  • We manage everything related to the IRPF of your employees.
  • Personal manager with unlimited advice.
  • The cost includes: The service + 1 payroll. The cost per additional payroll is 12€ each.

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Perfect if you are starting
  • Register up to 30 invoices (total, of income and expenses).
  • Registration as a corporate self-employed ("autónomo societario")
  • Census registration / deregistration.
  • Filing of all your SME's taxes**
  • Personal account manager with unlimited advice.
  • Management of your notifications.
  • Online follow-up.​
  • We will take care of transferring and reviewing the information from your old accountant.


Perfect for the most active
  • Register up to 60 invoices (total, of income and expenses).
  • Registration as a corporate self-employed ("autónomo societario")
  • Census registration / deregistration.
  • Filing of all your SME's taxes**
  • Personal account manager with unlimited advice.
  • Management of your notifications.
  • Online follow-up.​
  • We will take care of transferring and reviewing the information from your old accountant.
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General Info

To calculate IRPF withholdings on your employees’ payrolls, start by considering their gross salary (before deductions). These deductible expenses, such as social security contributions and pension plan contributions, are subtracted from the gross salary.

Then, take into account the IRPF brackets, a progressive tax with different withholding percentages for each bracket. Consult the annually updated IPRF brackets table to know the percentages corresponding to each bracket and, finally, calculate the withholdings by applying the respective percentages to the withholding base (gross salary minus deductions).

In the management of bonus payments and other variable items in the payroll, several key aspects must be considered:

First, it is essential to define the periodicity of the overtime payments in the employment contract, whether annual or semi-annual. The calculation of the extra payments is based on the gross salary and its periodicity, dividing the annual or semi-annual gross salary by the number of planned extra payments.

In addition, these payments are subject to personal income tax withholdings and Social Security contributions, which are crucial elements in determining the final amount.

In some cases, bonus payments are prorated in the monthly payrolls, requiring an additional calculation by dividing the amount by the number of monthly payrolls for the year.

Generally, the necessary procedures include:

  • Obtaining a work visa or work permit.
  • The verification of the job offer, such as ensuring that the job cannot be filled by domestic workers and that efforts have been made to hire domestic workers before seeking foreign personnel.
  • Have the minimum age established.

In addition, specific procedures must be considered for each case, such as the renewal of residence and work permits, fixed-term work authorization and temporary residence, the hiring of foreign workers who do not reside in the country, and the hiring of foreign workers through annual quotas.

The documentation required may vary from case to case, but in general you will need the employer’s DNI or NIF, the original employment contract and a copy, and the corresponding passport or travel document.


All the features and benefits you will get are detailed in the Our Labor Advice Service section. Check it out!

It is important to clarify that some specific services are NOT included in our main labor advice offer. These are:

  • Application for Unique Social Security Number (NUSS) for individuals.
  • Affiliation of beneficiaries to Social Security.
  • Maternity/paternity leave.

However, they are offered separately. If you would like to learn more about these services, contact us.

Within a maximum of one working day we will contact you with further details about the specific documentation and data we need to start providing the service.

The manager assigned to you will contact you directly to initiate the management process.

If you wish to contract this service, we will need you to provide some essential documents:

  • Current employee contracts.
  • Payrolls for the current fiscal year.
  • Last TC2. RNT (Nominal List of Workers).
  • In case there has been any liquidation, payroll summary of the fiscal year.


The prices you see in our price section are the final prices (+ 21% VAT to be applied).

Each month, from the date of contracting, we will charge you a recurring payment.

Take a look at our contracting conditions.

Yes, you can request cancellation of the service as long as your personal agent has NOT started to manage your documentation to initiate the process. The money will be refunded to your card within 14 days.

Check our contracting conditions.


You will always have personalized treatment and direct contact with your manager. You will be able to communicate at any time (as long as it is working hours and about the services you have contracted) by email or telephone, whichever is more convenient for you.

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