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woman who thinks about setting up as a Self-employed or Limited Company

Deciding between setting up as a Self-employed or Limited Company

Don’t know whether to be self-employed or an LC in Spain? In this article, we’ll show you the key points so that you can analyze which option best suits your needs. You can also download an infographic with the advantages and disadvantages of being
self-employed or creating a limited company.

woman doing her self-employed tax deductions
I'm Self-Employed

Guide: Tax deductions for the self-employed

In this guide, we will explain to you what are the deductible expenses for the self-employed, since not knowing which are or how to deduct them has a significant impact when paying taxes.

example of form 714

How to fill out and submit Form 714 online?

Form 714 is a document where the Wealth Tax is declared, this being a strictly direct tax of a personal nature that taxes the net wealth of individuals. In this article, we explain if you are obliged to submit it and the step-by-step instructions to fill it in online.

girl going on the erasmus+ program

What is the Erasmus+ Program and how does it work?

Learning a new language, getting to know other cultures, improving your Curriculum Vitae, and having a great academic experience in another country are some of the benefits that the Erasmus+ program offers for students. How to apply for it? Find out all its details below!

shareholders' meeting setting their registered office and tax address
Fiscal & Tax

Registered office and tax address: Differences and examples

The differences between the registered office and the tax address are very subtle, which can make this subject a bit confusing. However, it is essential to know how to distinguish one from the other, especially when starting and setting up your own company.