How to install a Digital Certificate on Android?

Here you will find the step-by-step procedure to export the FNMT Digital Certificate to your Android phone, once we have requested it online and downloaded it in our browser.
install a digital certificate on an android phone

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A username and password are usually enough to access certain apps and services, however, some government apps and websites require extra security in the form of a digital certificate and apps like our Entre Trámites App are a good example. Here we will explain how to install a digital certificate on Android so your online procedures become easier.

Although verifying our identity does not require much effort if you have a digital certificate, obtaining it can often be a hassle. Our recommendation is that you go to the  Spanish FNMT digital certificate webpage. The process implies the accreditation of the identity in a Registry Office: once the steps are completed, the digital certificate can be downloaded to electronic devices, be they computers or mobile phones.

Once you have the digital software certificate in your possession (it is a file with a .pfx, .p12, .cer, or .crt extension) we will teach you how to install a digital certificate on your Android phone, whether you have an Android mobile or an iPhone. Afterward, you will have the authorization to access a multitude of official procedures, also to the payment of fines and contributions from your telephone.

How to install a Digital Certificate on Android?

In the following video, you will find a tutorial on how to install a digital certificate on Android, once we have requested it online and exported it from our browser. This time we will do it on a mobile with an Android Operating System.

The installation process is very similar to installing an Apk file so you just need to click on the digital certificate for Android to install it. The process is carried out as follows:

  • Move the original uncompressed file of the certificate to your phone. We recommend that you send yourself an email and save the file on your phone. You can also send it to you by WhatsApp, Telegram, email, or another messaging app.
  • Save the digital certificate in your phone storage.
  • Open the files folder on your phone and find the path where you saved the file.
  • Click on the file to run it and write the key (the password you assigned to it) with which it was encrypted.
  • If the certificate was sent to you by Telegram or WhatsApp, you only have to click on it once it has been downloaded in the conversation (i.e. you will not need to open your files folder).

As you have already learned how to install a digital certificate on Android, the next step is selecting it when you need to sign access to an official online service or app.

You can access our App!

Now that you have your digital certificate successfully installed on your Android phone, you can use it when accessing our new Entre Trámites App, where you can access more than 300 procedures online and completely from your cellphone. You can also count on the advice of our experts to clarify all your doubts. 

In Entre Trámites we invite you to know about all our consultation services. Fill in our contact form and we will call you to help you as soon as possible, schedule your online consultation, or simply text our WhatsApp.

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