How to make online appointments at the SEPE

In this article we explain how to make online appointments to go to the SEPE offices and be attended in person by a SEPE manager.
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The SEPE employment offices are now open to the public, always by appointment. However, there are employment offices that are giving appointments for more than a month from now and in others, there are not even available appointments. Hence, before requesting an appointment to be attended in person, the SEPE makes some recommendations:

  • If you have reliable identification means  (digital certificate, electronic DNI or [email protected] ) remember that you can carry out most of the procedures without much waiting at the SEPE electronic office.
  • If you do not have a digital certificate, electronic DNI or [email protected], another alternative is using the online pre-application form. This is a new system for executing online processes which makes it possible to apply for benefits, some common procedures and to communicate with the SEPE via Internet without the need for the citizen to have electronic identification means.
  • If you need a manager to assist you in person at the employment officeyou must request an appointment in advance.

Link and step-by-step instructions to make an appointment at the SEPE

Access to the official SEPE appointment link

Enter here.

A new window, like the one below, will open to request your appointment online. Click on “Start Request”.

Enter the postal code, type of procedure and DNI or NIE

Postal code: it is used for the system to check if the employment office of your address is already working with this appointment system. If not, a message will appear and you will have to go to the office in person to carry out the procedure. If everything is fine, this screen will open for you.

Now, fill in all the fields of the form (procedure, sub-procedure, DNI/NIE, etc.). You must write the number of the National Identity Document (DNI) or the Foreigner Identity Number (NIE), with 8 numbers and a letter. If the DNI has fewer numbers, fill in with zeros to the left.

Then, in the dropdown menu, indicate the TYPE OF PROCEDURE and SUB-PROCEDURE that you are going to carry out at the employment office. It is important to use the type of procedure that matches the process you will execute, as there are some that have more time allocated to them than others.

Confirmation of the Benefits office

If the office you chose is correct, accept the message.

Choose date and time for your appointment

Select the day and time of your appointment in the assigned SEPE office.

Confirmation of the assigned appointment

If the appointment is correct, you must confirm it by filling in all the mandatory data on this form:  name, surname, DNI or NIE, telephone number, mark the privacy policy acceptance checkbox and also, write the code of letters and numbers that appears below in the image. To finish, click on “Finish”.

The system will send an SMS with a password to your phone.

The password you have received must be entered in the box that appeared before.

Save the proof of the appointment that you have requested

The system will provide you with a receipt of the appointment you have made, like the one shown below. It is important to keep it to go to the benefits office on the appointed day.

Some important observations:

Remember that once you have requested the appointment, the deadlines for applications cease to run.  If you have requested the appointment within the deadline, even though the day the SEPE attends you is out, your application will be correct. What matters is the day on which the appointment is requested.

At the SEPE you can also make an appointment by phone

If for any reason you prefer to request an appointment by phone, you can do so with an automatic service that is available 24 hours a day.

Since May 2022, the official SEPE telephone number to make an appointment is 919267970. Through this call you will hear a voice message indicating further instructions on the procedure.

An alternative to this appointment: the pre-application form

If you are going to apply for a benefit or subsidy, for example because your employment contract has ended or you have been fired, instead of using the appointment system you can use the online pre-application form for benefits.

It is a form in which the worker’s basic data is entered (name, surname, DNI, bank account, telephone, email) and when it is sent, it generates a notification that reaches a SEPE manager. If the benefit can be processed, it will be done immediately and if any additional data or documents are needed, they will contact you by phone or email to request them.

The pre-application form and the online appointment should not be used to request ERTE benefits, since this type of benefit will be processed directly by the SEPE when the companies provide the data of all the affected workers. The pre-application form, however, can be used to report incidents in the collection or payment of these ERTE benefits.

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