New App Entre Trámites

With our new Entre Trámites App, a mobile application for Android devices, you will be able to access more than 300 online procedures from your smartphone.

nueva app Entre Trámites

Check out how the Entre Trámites App works

In the following video you will see the general operation of our new Entre Trámites App.

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The new Entre Trámites App, allows access to procedures of different Public Administrations. Using the electronic DNI 3.0, the FNMT Digital Certificate or the Cl@ve services (Cl@ve Permanente or Cl@ve PIN);

See the step by-step about how you can access with the different methods:

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Signing of documents in a fast and easy way

With the Entre Trámites App, it is also possible to sign PDF documents with the electronic DNI or Digital Certificate. In this way, the configuration of the generated visible signature is facilitated. This allows you to stamp both the signature (only available with electronic DNI) and the signatory’s data.

See the step-by-step about how you can sign documents:

More than 300 procedures available

With the Entre Trámites App, you can consult and learn how to request the most common documents, apply for aid, benefits or information from your smartphone. Procedures that anyone needs from the different Public Administrations.

(Tax Agency, Social Security, SEPE, DGT, City Councils, etc.).

consulta paso a paso asesorias y trámites del día a día
trámites disponibles de la App Entre Trámites

App Considerations

In order to use this application it is necessary to have the Electronic DNI 3.0 and a smartphone with Android operating system and NFC. It is also possible to access certain procedures using a Digital Certificate or the Cl@ve service (Cl@ve Permanente and Cl@ve PIN) without the need for an electronic DNI 3.0 or a device with NFC.