How to renew your job demand online (DARDE)

If you are still unemployed, you must renew your claim every 90 days. We show you step by step how to renew your job demand, completely online.
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If you are still unemployed, sign up now as job seeker in the offices of the SEPE. You must renew this request every 90 days. We show you step by step how to renew your job demand online.

The job seeker card must be requested at the offices of The State Public Employment Service (SEPE) of the autonomous community where the applicant resides, or in the offices of the SEPE in the cases of Ceuta and Melilla.

To maintain this job seeker status, it is necessary to stamp the unemployment card (or “tarjeta del Paro”) card on the dates established in the Document for Registration and Renewal of Employment Demand (DARDE).

The renewal must be made on the date shown in the DARDE proof of registration document, normally every 90 days as long as the job demand situation is maintained.

How to renew the job demand in the SOC by internet?

To access the Document for Registration and Renewal of Employment Demand or DARDE (known as “DARDO” in Catalonia) you need:

  1. To access the following link and identify yourself.
  2. Personal identification can be made by using a digital certificate, the NIF / NIE or also with the password (PIN), which is in the document, DARDO.
  3. When the procedure has been completed, the user can print the renewal document, which certifies the willingness to remain enrolled in the SOC and indicates the date of the next renewal.

The schedule of this service is from Monday to Saturday, from 8.00 to 23.00.

Another virtual way to do this procedure is the ‘Self-service Point’, which the user will find in the Work Offices, in the Centers of Innovation and Occupational Training (CIFO) and / or in some municipalities of Catalonia.

How to renew the job demand in the SOC in person?

It can already be renewed in person, at the SOC’s Work Offices. To attend in person to the procedures corresponding to the Public Employment Service of Catalonia, the opening hours are from 8.30 to 14.00, from Monday to Friday.

This is always made with a mandatory prior appointment using the phone number 900 800 046. For more information go to Job Office Finder.

  1. The person has to go to the corresponding Job Office according to their address and they will be able to renew the employment demand by presenting a document that identifies them (DNI / TIE / Passport…).
  2. When you have renewed your demand, you will be given the DARDO document, which indicates the date of the next renewal.

Deregister as a job seeker

It is the situation in which the person ceases to be a job seeker and, therefore, can no longer access the services of the SOC and job offers.

The cancellation of this job demand can occur because the person requests it or for any of the following reasons:

  • Not having renewed the claim on the corresponding date.
  • Administrative resolution
  • By court judgment
  • Loss of validity of the administrative authorization in the case of non-EU foreign workers
  • By job placement
  • Registration in Social Security, whether in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers or in the General Regime.

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