Labor Contracts Forms
Download the current official forms of Employment Contracts established by the Ministry of Labor.

Labor law is an issue of great relevance. Knowing certain aspects related to it, and therefore, the labor contracts, helps us to know what to abide by respect to the rights and duties of the worker.

Therefore, here you have at your disposal the different types of Employment Contracts in force in Spain. A selection of the 9 most common employment contracts: Temporary Employment Contract, Indefinite, Training and Apprenticeship, Self-Employed Worker (TRADE), Internships, for people over 52 years old, Subsidized, for people with disabilities.

The employment contract is the document that certifies the labor relationship between a company and an employee. Therefore, it establishes all the labor conditions that will determine the employee’s activity in the company.

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Likewise, remember that filling out any contract by this means does not mean that you have already submitted it to the corresponding Public Administration. To do so, you must go to their office, usually by appointment.