Guide to Household Work

household work
In this guide on household work, we explain the processes that are important in the practice of a domestic worker. In addition, you will learn about the rights and obligations of both the employer and the employee.

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The concept of household work or “Family home services” includes not only the domestic tasks performed in the home but also the care and attention of family members (children, older adults, and convalescent family members), gardening, driving, and other daily activities in this field.

Today, some rules regulate and protect domestic workers in Spain. In this guide, you will know the conditions you must consider if you work as a household employee.

Who is this guide on household work aimed at?

This guide is a resource that will help both employers and employees in the domestic and care work sectors.

Guide content

By reading this practical guide, you will know concepts and rules that will help you understand how it works in terms of hiring, duties, and rights focused on domestic employees in Spain:

  1. Costs and appropriate payments.
  2. Necessary documentation to register focused on household work.
  3. Rights and obligations.
  4. Registering as a household employee.

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Table of Contents

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