Guide: Spain Labor Laws for Employee Penalties and Faults

guide spain labor laws employee penalties
In this guide, we present simply the penalties and offenses that you must take into account as an employee according to Spain Labor Laws, avoiding attention calls or even dismissals by the employer.

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Failure to comply with the Spain Labor Laws and the employee penalties that companies can impose. As part of their disciplinary authority, will be considered faults and penalties to the employee. However, the infractions committed by the company are also considered.

Employee penalties are regulated by the Workers’ Statute and the collective agreements for each autonomous community and according to the category of the company. A procedure must be followed and the worker has the right to appeal the sanction.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is a basic resource aimed at workers and employers who wish to know the next step, legally speaking, in situations of non-compliance with the contract or violation of rights by both parties.

Contents of the guide on Spain Labor Laws for Employee Penalties

By reading this practical guide, you will learn, among other things:

  • Introduction to the labor laws
  • Limits on employee penalties
  • Types of non-compliance
  • Degrees of faults and sanctions of the worker
  • The legal framework of sanctions
  • Penalty procedure
  • Prescription of labor faults

In conclusion, it is necessary to keep in mind the offenses and sanctions stipulated in the Workers’ Statute, so that if you have to apply them in your company, it is done legally and trying to avoid going against the established rules, in order to avoid complications and legal problems.

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