Regenerate the Permanent [email protected] Activation Code

If you have forgotten your Permanent [email protected] Activation Code, then here we will show you step by step how to quickly regenerate it.
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If you have forgotten your Activation Code, then here we will show you the step-by-step procedure of how to regenerate your Permanent [email protected] code.

What is the [email protected] Activation Code?

The [email protected] Activation Code is a set of characters. You need it to activate your user in Permanent [email protected] This activation code is included in the proof you get after registering in [email protected].

Step by Step to Regenerate the [email protected] Activation Code

If you do not keep this code, you can regenerate it immediately from the “Regenerate Permanent [email protected] activation code” service, within the “[email protected] Registration” procedures.

Sadly, when doing this specific procedure there is no English version available.

Regenerate Activation Code

After identifying yourself with [email protected] PIN or a digital signature (digital certificate or electronic DNI), read the explanatory text carefully and click “I accept“.

Explanatory text and identification data

In the next window, you will get the activation code (which you can copy or write down) and the 3 available options will be displayed.

Activation Code and available options
  1. Generate PDF with activation code“: confirm that the registration data is correct and click “View PDF“. A PDF document with the [email protected] activation code will be downloaded.Generar PDF con código de activación.Justificante PDF con código activación
  2. Access to the user activation service“: it links directly to the Permanent [email protected] user activation, within the [email protected] website.Activación usuario Cl@ve
  3. Access to the forgot password service“: click on this option if you have already activated Permanent [email protected] but have forgotten your password or wish to change it.Olvido de contraseña Clve

When you click on options 2 and 3, a warning will be displayed informing you that you need to download the PDF with the activation code beforehand. However, if you did not generate the PDF or did not write it down, you can access the service again and generate a new code.

PDF Generation notice

A new activation code is also generated in the forms “Modify telephone with a certificate or electronic ID“, “Modify e-mail” and by checking the corresponding option in “Obtain a higher security level in [email protected] with a certificate or electronic ID” within “Other procedures” of the “[email protected] Register“.

SOURCE: Agencia Tributaria

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