Change the Permanent Cl@ve if you have forgotten it

change the Permanent Cl@ve
If you have forgotten your password or just want to change it, in this article we show you step by step how you can change the Permanent Cl@ve.

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If you have forgotten your password or just want to change it, you can do it any time you want. So, in this article, we will show you what to do and the step-by-step procedure to change the Permanent Cl@ve.

What is the Permanent Cl@ve?

It is an authentication system created for people who frequently need to access the electronic services of the Administration. It is based on the usage of a user code, DNI or NIE, and a password that is set in the activation process and that should only be known by you. To access this activation process it is necessary that you have previously registered in the system.

For electronic administration services that require a high level of security, the system reinforces authentication with the request to enter a single-use numeric code (known as “One Time Password” or OTP) that is previously sent by SMS text to your mobile phone.

website to access and change the permanent cl@ve

Access to change the Permanent Cl@ve

With the following procedures, you can re-establish the Permanent Cl@ve again whenever you find it appropriate to:

Change of password

For expiration or security reasons, you may wish to change your password. To do this, access the password change service and follow the steps described there.

Forgot password

In case of forgetting the password or if it is blocked due to exceeding the maximum number of 5 failed attempts, a new password can be established as long as you have kept the activation code. To do this, you must access the password activation service and follow the steps they display there.

Lost Activation Code

If you have lost your activation code, you can obtain a new one by registering in the Cl@ve system again.

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