Guide: New virtual assistance platform for the self-employed and SMEs

ADI virtual assistant
The Tax Agency launched a new virtual assistant for the self-employed and SMEs to carry out their procedures and solve their tax issues: ADI.

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ADI (Asistencia Digital Integral), the new virtual platform for self-employed workers and SMEs, was launched by the Tax Agency to improve information delivery and attention to citizens so that procedures can be carried out more quickly and dynamically.

This new tool is intended to complement the traditional face-to-face help provided in physical offices, where more than 300 specialized officials will be dedicated to providing personalized non-face-to-face assistance to self-employed workers and SMEs. This service will have a longer availability time and will avoid unnecessary trips to the citizen. 

There are different offices, and each of them will be specialized in a specific area: Valencia for IVA issues, modules, census procedures, and the most common customs procedures; and Madrid for certain IRPF (Personal Income Tax) controls. In 2021 the headquarters of Galicia will be established and in 2022 that of Andalucia. 

Who benefits from ADI’s Virtual Assistance?

This support service will mainly involve the following profiles: entrepreneurs starting their activity, self-employed workers and SMEs, landlords and tax professionals, as well as taxpayers who need assistance in processing their tax procedures.

How does ADI work?

The self-employed and SMEs have different electronic tools to access this virtual assistance

  • Virtual assistants: intuitive and interactive tools that allow taxpayers to obtain information and carry out their procedures, as well as connect with the ADI to receive additional help.
  • Instant chat: this allows you to raise any questions you may have and receive an answer at the moment. It is activated automatically or by request of the taxpayer.
  • Video calls: offered as an alternative solution in cases in which the taxpayer does not have the necessary personal identification.
  • Telephone (conventional or “Click to call“): the self-employed worker or SME can, for assistance services, call the Tax Agency or request a call from them, according to the corresponding procedure.

The use of each of the tools will depend on each service and procedure, as well as the degree of electronic identification required in each case.

What kind of service does it offer?

The type of help offered by the ADI virtual assistant is divided into two parts:

  • Information: for cases in which the taxpayer only needs to consult how an operation is taxed or what procedure must be carried out in a certain case, such as doubts about IVA, registrations, modifications, and cancellation of the activity, assistance to file a tax return, or to respond to a procedure initiated by the Tax Agency.
  • Services available: filing of census declarations, quarterly IVA declarations for landlords, self-employed workers, and SMEs starting their activity; and quarterly declarations for taxpayers in modules, complementary prior year’s income tax returns, as well as, in customs matters, simplified import declarations and refunds of agricultural and professional diesel fuel.

The ADI will also soon offer a new product, called “Informa+“, which consists of the request, by the taxpayer (who should be duly identified with Cl@ve or digital certificate), for a written response to their query, so that can have legal certainty about the tax treatment of the specific economic operation they have to carry out.

What advantages does ADI offer to the self-employed and SMEs?

  • Easy access for the taxpayer by not having to go to a physical office. 
  • ADI also offers us extended hours, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., which doubles the hours of the physical offices.
  • It allows a considerable saving of time by allowing the taxpayer to expand their request and file a declaration, or solve another pending procedure. 
  • Greater homogeneity and higher quality of service as it is a service that relies on specialized staff. 
  • Greater legal assurance by having a unity of criteria. 

Download here the complete guide on “ADI” the virtual assistant of the Tax Agency. (Please note that this official guide from the Tax Agency is only available in Spanish).

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