Guide: Tax deductions for the self-employed

In this guide, we will explain to you what are the deductible expenses for the self-employed, since not knowing which are or how to deduct them has a significant impact when paying taxes.
woman doing her self-employed tax deductions

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Download for free the Guide to tax deductions for the self-employed and solve all your doubts about what expenses are deductible in Personal Income Tax (IRPF) and IVA, their requirements, and how to present them.

What is this Guide on tax deductions for the self-employed?

This guide covers fundamental aspects to understand the self-employed tax deductions, which are related to their economic activity in Personal Income Tax (IRPF) and IVA.

Who is it for?

This guide is a basic resource aimed at all self-employed workers who want to know important information about their deductible expenses since not knowing what expenses can be deducted or how to do it correctly has a significant impact to avoid overpaying taxes, or suffering fines and inspections

What are the contents of this guide?

When you finish reading this practical guide you will know, among other things:

  • What are tax-deductible expenses?
  • What are the most common types of deductible expenses?
  • What requirements are necessary to be able to deduct them?
  • What expenses can be deducted from IVA and Personal Income Tax?
  • How to present these expenses and record them in your accounting?

Do you want to know more information?

Do you want to pay fewer taxes as a self-employed worker? Schedule a free consultation with one of our specialists! Also, through the contact form you can leave your details for us to call you, or simply text our WhatsApp.

Or visit our website and read more about income tax for the self-employed. At Entre Trámites we offer various services of management, advice, and support in bureaucratic processes for the self-employed.

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