What is occupational risk prevention?

What is occupational risk prevention?
Occupational risk prevention is essential to reduce accidents at work and the incidence of occupational diseases. Here we tell you more about this regulation.

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Occupational risk prevention is mandatory in the company. This can be done through a specialized external entity or use free online solutions so that the employer can manage his own risk prevention plan.

Law of prevention of labor risks

Law 31/1995, of November 8, on Occupational Risk Prevention, Its purpose is to promote the safety and health of workers through the application of measures and the development of the necessary activities for the prevention of risks derived from work. This Law establishes the general principles related to the prevention of professional risks for the protection of safety and health, the elimination or reduction of risks derived from work, information, consultation, balanced participation and training of employees. workers in preventive matters, in the terms indicated in this provision.

Over the years, the self-employed have been the most vulnerable in terms of safety and health at work. Currently, only the self-employed who make contributions for temporary disability (IT) have the right to insure themselves against the risks of accidents at work and occupational disease and to obtain the corresponding coverage.

When to do occupational risk prevention (ORP)?

Initially we must know the type of freelancer that is:

  • Self-employed without dependent workers: it is NOT necessary to have an organization in charge of ORP, nor a risk assessment or a risk prevention plan.
  • Self-employed workers who do not have employees but who are covered by the regulation on the coordination of professional activities: Information must be provided on the risks that their activities or teams entail for the workers of other companies with which they collaborate.
  • Self-employed with dependent workers: In this case, if the PRL is implemented, these self-employed workers will therefore have the employer’s obligations under labor market regulations. In companies with up to ten workers, the employer may be responsible for organizing prevention as long as he carries out his activity in the workplace on a regular basis and has the necessary skills, depending on the company’s risks.

How to apply occupational risk prevention?

In the case of the self-employed who have workers under their charge or who are affected by the regulations for the coordination of professional activities, it is usual to hire a company specialized in the implementation of occupational risk prevention programs, a highly recommended option to avoid assuming too many tasks that could delay or even divert you from your business and productive objectives, where, as a freelancer, you must make more effort.

In case your economic resources are very limited, you can also try with the help of some free tools that the Administrations have launched so that freelancers and micro-enterprises can independently manage the implementation of Occupational Risk Prevention.

Prevention 10

It is a public and free occupational risk prevention advisory service that allows:

  • Manage occupational risks in a simple way for companies with up to 25 workers.
  • Facilitate compliance with the coordination of business activities and inform self-employed workers of the risks they run.

To develop the prevention plan using the Prevencion10 portal, you must follow a procedure that includes the following steps:

  1. Record of access to the system, with electronic identification or digital certificate.
  2. Evaluation of the risks of the company based on the data entered about the jobs and the tasks that each of them must perform.
  3. Planning of the preventive activity, detailing the measures to be adopted to eliminate the occupational risks detected, estimating their cost, the date of execution and designating a person in charge.
  4. Monitoring and control of execution. From the Prevention portal10 you can access the Evalua-t® tool, which allows you to monitor the prevention plan, sending notices and alerts to remind you of the measures to take to eliminate risks.


Through the Prevention 10 website, these companies can access the evalua-t tool that helps to apply prevention obligations except for health surveillance in 5 steps:

  1. System access log
  2. Information, what an employer needs to know before the procedure
  3. risk assessment
  4. Preventive activity planning
  5. Application Tracking

Note: In the Prevention 10 portal we find sections that help us, as businessmen, to keep up to date with everything that happens in the field of occupational risk prevention:

  • Forums: to stay up to date, where you can ask questions about the evaluation process, meet and share experiences with other businessmen and reflect our opinions.
  • Prevention Wikipedia.10: is a living encyclopedia that is developed through the contributions of its users. In this specific wikipedia on risk prevention, we can search for unknown terms and create new ones.
  • Links: in this section we will find links to other web pages with relevant and interesting information to keep us informed or where we can find additional information.
  • News: here you will find the most relevant changes, news and events related to risk prevention.
  • Library: here you will find an index of information sources for permanent documentation.
  • Sector information: where you can find information specific to the sector and the best practices that are used.

Without a doubt, this type of platform helps companies to easily implement the mandatory occupational risk prevention plan and give it the corresponding value within their organization, since it is a very important action to reduce occupational accidents and have a good occupational health.

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