Make an appointment to prove your identity and get an FNMT Digital Certificate

Appointment to prove your identity for the FNMT Digital Certificate
Requesting an appointment to prove your identity and then be able to obtain the FNMT digital certificate is a process that you can do from home. In this section, we'll explain the correct way to do it!

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To prove your identity and obtain the FNMT Digital Certificate, whether for a physical person or a legal person, you must request an appointment in advance at the Tax Agency or Social Security offices and go in person in order to prove your identity. 

On the other hand, due to the high traffic of applications in person, it is almost impossible to contact the responsible body and request an appointment to obtain your Digital Certificate. However, here we will explain the options you have when carrying out this process through the Internet.

If you want to know more information about this process to request an appointment, click on the following video where we explain the step-by-step to do it correctly:

How to request and get the FNMT Digital Certificate?

After downloading the software and filling out your personal data the procedure will continue as follows:

  1. Request the application code.
  2. Schedule an appointment online to prove your identity.
  3. Prove your identity in a Tax Agency or Social Security Office.
  4. Download your Digital Certificate.

Request the application code to get your Digital Certificate

This is the first step that must be taken because the code you obtain is the one you must provide to the responsible body so you can prove your identity and demonstrate that you are, indeed, the applicant. 

However, you can skip this step and the remaining ones as well if you hire a specialized Entre Trámites advisor, who will accompany you throughout the process of requesting your certificate.

Schedule an appointment to prove your identity

  • Go to the Tax Agency homepage. 
  • Click on the option “Cita Previa” (Appointments).
  • And then click on the link that says “Solicitud de cita previa para particulares” (Appointment request for individuals).
  • (From here on the page will continue entirely in Spanish).
  • In the tab “Para quién” fill out the personal data of the person doing the procedure. In the tab “Para qué” select the option of “Otras gestiones”, then click on “Identificación Electrónica” and “Certificado Digital FNMT”.
  • A new window called “Dónde ir” will ask you to write your province or postal code to sot the results and show you nearby offices.
  • In the third tab, “Seleccionar cita”, you can see the suggested appointments as well as their location, date, and time. To choose one of the displayed options, simply click on “Seleccionar” and then on “Confirmar Cita”.
  • In the fourth tab, “Confirmación” write your phone and email to confirm the appointment you selected and receive notifications through these means.
  • Now, you will get a confirmation email with all the relevant data of the application.
  • Print the email and take it with you on the day of the appointment along with your valid identity document.

Prove your identity in the Tax Agency Office

After receiving a call from the responsible office, an email will be sent with the data of the appointment you scheduled where the documentation to be provided on the day of the appointment is specified:

  • Not expired identity document (DNI, EU Registration Certificate, Red Card, Passport, etc.).
  • The application code.
  • Appointment location in the second email received.
  • Check if, in addition, depending on your personality, you will have to provide any additional documentation.

Download your Digital Certificate online

After proving your identity at the responsible office, you will receive an email with a link that allows you to download the Digital Certificate.

How to download it?

  • Click the download link.
  • Fill out the fields with the corresponding data.
  • Click on “(Pulse aquí para consultar y aceptar las condiciones de expedición del certificado)”.
  • Read and accept the conditions and download the certificate.
  • Finally, you already have your Digital Certificate successfully installed. Now you can carry out any procedure on the Internet.

Do you need more information?

We want to listen to you and know what your questions are about the procedures you have to carry out. Count on the advice of our experts to clarify all your doubts. 

In Entre Trámites we invite you to know about all our consultation services. Fill in our contact form and we will call you to help you as soon as possible, schedule an online consultation, or simply text our WhatsApp.

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