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Get an accurate and detailed estimate of the costs of a termination of employment in Spain and make informed decisions during the dismissal process.

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Final cost

You are entitled to obtain: settlement.

You are entitled to obtain: severance pay.

Disclaimer: Please note that there are various labor regulations (such as collective labor agreements) that affect the amount it costs an employer to terminate or resign an employee and influence the final result. Please try to be as accurate as possible when providing the information.

How to Calculate Severance Pay in Spain?

A dismissal in Spain entails various costs and legal responsibilities.

To ensure compliance with labor regulations and accurately calculate severance pay (or final settlement in the case of contract termination), it is crucial to understand the changes introduced by the Labor Reform of 2012 and all the factors influencing the calculation of severance pay or final settlement.

That’s why we will delve into calculating the cost of firing an employee in Spain, including concepts of final settlement and severance pay, factors to consider, and practical examples.

Severance Pay in Spain

Severance Pay Calculator in Spain:

Here are some factors you need to understand to calculate the cost of firing an employee in Spain in 2023.

Firstly, are final settlement and severance pay the same?

In short, no.

The final settlement is the document certifying the termination of the employment relationship which establishes the amounts to be paid to the employee. It includes unused vacation days, pending extra payments, accrued wages, and other economic considerations.

On the other hand, severance pay is the financial compensation paid to the employee in case of dismissal and is regulated by law.

What factors should I know to calculate severance pay in Spain?

These factors may vary depending on current labor legislation and specific circumstances of the employee and employer:

More about the types of dismissal in Spain:

It is important to note that each case may vary depending on specific circumstances and current labor legislation.

Here are the most common types of dismissal in Spain:

What happens if my employee resigns or their contract expires?

In general, in these cases, the employee would be entitled to a final settlement. Take a look at the most common scenarios:

In conclusion, calculating the cost of firing an employee in Spain and determining the corresponding severance pay or final settlement involves considering various legal and economic factors, as well as the circumstances of each specific case.

At the same time, employees should be aware of their rights and available options in case of dismissal/resignation.

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