Documentation to make your Income Tax Return

Below we show you a summary of the necessary documentation that must be compiled to prepare and organize the Income Tax Return.
documentation to make the income tax return

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Here we present to you the summary of the required documentation to prepare your Income Tax Return, which must be compiled and submitted to our managers so that they can manage your Tax Return.

If you want our tax managers to take charge of preparing and submitting your Income Tax Return,  it is essential that you provide certain documentation related to your personal, family, and financial situation.

Once they have this information, our specialists will proceed to carry out an exhaustive analysis, with the aim of guaranteeing optimal management of your Income Tax Return and presenting it within the terms of the 2019-2020 Income Calendar determined by the Tax Agency.

What documentation does your manager need to make your Income Tax Return?

To download the following information in PDF, click here.

Personal information:

  • National Identity Document of all the members of the Family Unit (DNI and/or NIE).
  • Fiscal Data or Reference of box 505 of the 2018 Income Statement.
  • Account number where the deposit or return is made by direct debit (domiciliación).

Personal situation:

  • Personal situation of all members of the Family Unit.
  • Changes in family status that have occurred during the financial year: separations, divorces or widowhood, compensatory pensions, birth and/or adoption of children, cohabitation with ascendants and/or descendants.
  • Certificates of insurance, retirement, or illness.
  • Disability certificate.
  • Receipts or certificates issued by the nursery for children under 3 years of age.

Salaries and Benefits:

  • Salaries received during the fiscal year, withholdings related to self-employed contributions, benefits for retirement, unemployment, or accidents.


  • Fiscal records and installment payment letters.

Bank Accounts:

  • Certificate of bank accounts.
  • Certificate of the contributions made in the housing account.

Living place:

  • Main residence: documentation related to its acquisition, construction or any adaptation for the disabled that has been carried out in it during the fiscal year.
  • Main residence rent: payment receipts.
  • Real estate properties: Real Estate Tax (IBI) receipts.
  • Leases: income and expense receipts.
  • Certificate of mortgage loans.


  • Receipts of contributions made to non-profit entities.


  • Property transfer deeds.
  • Information on the transfer of shares and/or stocks of companies.


  • Tax information on pension plans, contributed values, investment funds and other financial assets, as well as certificates related to the acquisition of shares or stock.


  • Cadastral values ​​of all properties, national and foreign bank values ​​as of December 31.

We can manage your Income Tax Return for you!

Count on our team of experts to organize and manage all your tax documentation. We will also listen to you and advise you on the procedures you have to carry out. 

In Entre Trámites we invite you to know about our accounting and tax services. Fill in our contact form and we will call you to help you as soon as possible, schedule your online consultation, or simply text our WhatsApp.

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