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Download here the current forms of the official pages of public bodies.

On the following page we offer you all the current official forms of the Government Institutions (forms, guides, etc) to complete the paperwork related to each one of them.

  1. Search for the forms you must complete to carry out the process you need to do.
  2. Download each document.
  3. Fill in each document on your computer.
  4. Print the documents. 
  5. Store them in an orderly manner so you don’t miss anything. We advise you to have a folder with all the printed documents that you must present the day of your appointment.

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The forms of the most common procedures of each of the public entities will be displayed.

Please consider:

  • If you cannot find the form you need, please contact us so we can help you. Contact us.
  • On this same page you will find Information sheets containing all the details of what you need to complete the different forms. Please read them carefully before filling out the applications.
  • Remember that downloading and filling out the application on this website does not mean that you have already submitted it to the corresponding Public Administration. To carry out the procedure, you must go to the corresponding office, usually, by requesting an appointment.

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