Driving License Exchange during the State of Alarm

Exchange of Driving License
If you had an appointment assigned to exchange your driving license as of March 16, you can continue with the process online.

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If you had an appointment assigned to make the exchange of driving license as of March 16, 2020, the day the State of Alarm period began, you can continue processing your exchange request online.

Check the country of issuance of the permit to be exchanged and register your request with the required documentation.

Before starting, you must make sure on this web page that you have confirmed the exchange of your permit. For any questions, you can contact the Dirección Nacional de Tráfico through the phone number 060.

To carry out this procedure it is necessary to have electronic means, like a Digital Certificate, or Cl@ve Pin.

What is the Cl@ve Pin?

Cl@ve is an electronic identity verification platform for the identification and authentication of citizens. Registration in Cl@ve is relatively simple and very useful when accessing any bureaucratic procedure in Spain.

It is a way of carrying out procedures over the Internet with a limited validity in time and that can be renewed whenever we need. This electronic identification system is based on using a code chosen by the user and a PIN (or “key”) communicated to the phone through the Cl@ve PIN app or with an SMS message.

It is mandatory to register in advance in the system. We also have a very useful tutorial on how to register in the Cl@ve platform, step by step.

What are the advantages of registering?

  • It’s simple and very useful since you don’t need to always remember a password.
  • Its validity is limited in time, which makes it more secure.

Countries with an agreement to exchange a Driving License in Spain:

The countries with an exchange of driving license agreement are the following: The Democratic Republic of Algeria, the Republic of Argentina, the Republic of Bolivia, the Republic of Chile, the Republic of Colombia, the Republic of Ecuador, the Kingdom of Morocco, the Republic of Nicaragua, the Republic of Peru, Dominican Republic, the Republic of Panama, the Republic of Paraguay, the Republic of Uruguay, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the Federative Republic of Brazil, the Republic of El Salvador, the Republic of the Philippines, the Republic of Guatemala, the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Turkey, Tunisia, Ukraine, Macedonia.

Prior appointment to request the exchange of driving license in Spain

Starting next May 25, the DGT will reopen their offices and headquarters of provinces that are in phase 2 of the State of Alarm. The facilities have been adapted to do so in compliance with public health and safety procedures. Among other measures, the number of available appointments to be requested has been reduced, which will increase in each phase until the usual situation returns.

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