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We're here to streamline the process and make it more manageable by simplifying your procedures.

Safety and Peace
of Mind

We handle the intricacies of registration, taxes, bookkeeping, and more, so you can focus on growing your business.


Our goal is to deliver top-tier services at affordable rates, ensuring that you receive exceptional value for your investment.

Why do I need an online consultancy?

accounting services for smes

Compliance with laws

This will ensure that your SME is up to date with all tax and accounting regulations in force in Spain, avoiding unnecessary fines and penalties.

Specialized advice

Having an expert in tax and accounting management as your advisor will give you the knowledge and guidance you need to make the best financial decisions, boosting the growth of your SME.


Whether you need to expand your team, are earning more income or need to make some tax adjustments, you need the support of your consultancy to provide you with all the guidance you need.

No need to leave your home

You will be able to access your financial records, documents and statements at any time and from anywhere, saving time and eliminating the need for face-to-face procedures.

Save time and money with Entre Trámites!

Imagine what you could achieve by freeing yourself from time and energy consuming administrative and fiscal tasks.

Our highly trained team will take care of all aspects related to the fiscal and accounting management of your SME.

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Tax and accounting services for SMEs in Spain

Our Services

Filing of Taxes

All your tax obligations, accurately and on time. From Corporate Tax, VAT and intra-community declarations.

Accounting in order

We'll make sure your accounting books are up to date and accurate so you can always stay on top of your finances.

Your Personal Advisor and Unlimited Advice

We are here to answer all your questions and help you make informed decisions every step of the way.

Your own online platform

Where you will have everything you need just a click away: documentation, balance sheets, accounting, invoice creation/uploading and much more!

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Perfect if you are starting
  • Register up to 30 invoices (total, of income and expenses).
  • Registration as a corporate self-employed ("autónomo societario")
  • Census registration / deregistration.
  • Filing of all your SME's taxes**
  • Personal account manager with unlimited advice.
  • Management of your notifications.
  • Online follow-up.​
  • We will take care of transferring and reviewing the information from your old accountant.


Perfect for the most active
  • Register up to 60 invoices (total, of income and expenses).
  • Registration as a corporate self-employed ("autónomo societario")
  • Census registration / deregistration.
  • Filing of all your SME's taxes**
  • Personal account manager with unlimited advice.
  • Management of your notifications.
  • Online follow-up.​
  • We will take care of transferring and reviewing the information from your old accountant.

Complementary Services

That may be useful to you


Your employees up to date

Registration as Autónomo Societario

Quick and simple
  • You can get it for FREE when hiring a monthly accounting plan.
  • Price of the service: €55.

Company Incorporation

We help you set it up!
  • Incorporation of a Limited Company (SL).
  • Certificate of Company Name.
  • Bank certificate of deposit of the capital stock​
  • Bylaws of the Limited Company.
  • Coordination with the Notary Office.
  • Registration of IAE with the Tax Agency (AEAT)​
  • Digital Certificates for legal entities and individuals.
  • Deed of incorporation at the Mercantile Registry. Value €100* (additional).

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Consulting for SMEs in Spain: Get All the information you need

Get a FREE 30-minute consultation to solve all your doubts about taxes and accounting for SMEs in Spain.

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2 easy steps to hire our service to hire our accounting services for SMEs


In each plan you will get: 
  • Free registration as autónomo societario (corporate self-employed), if you aren’t registered already.
  • Your own personal account manager.
  • Census registration or deregistration.
  • Management of the taxes applicable to you.*
  • Management of your notifications (Tax Agency, Social Security).
  • Online follow-up.
  • Unlimited advice.

* This excludes the filing of your individual Income Tax Return (“Declaración de la Renta”). But, if you are one of our clients, we will offer you a special discount when it is time to file it.

If you choose to hire this extra service, you will get:

  • Management of your staff’s payrolls.
  • Work contracts, terminations, and hiring.
  • We take care of all Social Security procedures.
  • We manage everything related to the Personal Income Tax (IRPF) for your staff.

You will have a personal account, where you can upload all your invoices and bank statements. You can forget about all the paperwork, while we take care of all its management.

In order for us to keep your accounting up to date and have greater control of your business accounts, you should submit them before the 5th of each month. It is especially important that you do it on time during tax filing months (April, July, October, and January).

To be your tax advisors and accountants you need to send us online:
  • Your digital certificate (if you have it).
  • Copy of Spanish ID (DNI); or, if you are a foreigner, your Foreigner Identity Number (NIE).
  • The tax returns that were filed during the previous fiscal period.
  • Last Income Tax Return (Declaración de la Renta) submitted.
If you have employees…
  • Valid employee contracts.
  • Current year payroll.
  • Last TC2 (Social Security contributions).
  • If any payment has been made, a summary of the year’s payroll.

If there’s any additional documentation to provide for your particular case we will let you know.

Depending on your specific case, you must fill out some forms and not others. These are the ones we cover:

  • Value Added Tax (IVA).
  • Withholdings on income from work (IRPF) – Form 130 or 131
  • Withholdings on leases.
  • Intra-community declarations (349).
  • Declaration of operations with third parties (347).
  • Tax on Economic Activities (IAE).


The prices you see in our pricing section are the final ones (+ 21% of VAT that must be applied).

Every month, from the date you sign up, we will charge you a recurring payment.

Payments must be made by debit or credit card.

Yes, you can request cancellation of the service as long as your personal manager has NOT started to handle your documentation to initiate the process. The money will be refunded to your card in less than 14 days.

See our Commercial Conditions.

Yes, there is no permanence.

You can cancel our service at any time. Take a look at our Commercial Conditions.

Our Team

You will always have personalized attention and direct contact with your advisor. You can communicate at any time (as long as it is business hours and about the services you have hired) by email or telephone, whichever is more comfortable for you.

Do you need more info?

We want to listen to you and know what your doubts are or what you need in relation to our accounting services for SMEs in Spain . You can count on the advice of our experts to clarify all your doubts.

Fill out our contact form, write to us at [email protected] or call us, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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