We offer a comprehensive service for our clients.
Relax, and leave all the procedures of your SME in our hands.

Choose the plan that best suits your needs


Perfect if you are starting
  • Register up to 30 invoices or bills
  • Social security registration
  • Personal account manager with unlimited advice
  • Census registration
  • Access to discount in tax services
  • Notifications management
  • Online tracking


Perfect for the most active
  • Register up to 60 invoices or bills
  • Social security registration
  • Personal account manager with unlimited advice
  • Census registration
  • Access to discount in tax services
  • Notifications management
  • Online tracking

Complementary services


Your employees up to date
  • Initial plan considers 1 payroll
  • Employment contracts
  • Complete management with Social Security
  • Complete management of the Personal Income Tax (IRPF) for your staff
  • Employment website

Registration as


Quick and simple
  • We register you for FREE when you hire our monthly accounting service
  • Value of the service: €50 *

Company incorporation

We help you setting it up
  • Incorporation of a Limited Company (SL)
  • Company Name Certificate
  • Bank certificate of deposit of the capital stock
  • Bylaws of the Limited Company
  • Coordination with the Notary
  • Registration of IAE with the Tax Agency (AEAT)
  • Digital Certificates of legal and natural person.
  • Deed of incorporation in the Mercantile Registry. Value € 100 * (additional)

Read what our clients say about us

¡Muy recomendable! Trato amable y muy profesionales. Tenía dudas sobre abrir una empresa en Estonia y en una videollamada Louis me aclaró todas las dudas. Muchas gracias 🙂
Pratik Shah
Pratik Shah
Great experience with them, and special shout out to Dahianna for her prompt replies and patience in clarifying my questions. Removed all headache from me, which was the most important. It costs more than just helping with bookings, but for us it was worth the services provided
Sandra Vergara
Sandra Vergara
Tuve una cita gratuita con Elizabeth y me pareció muy buena la atención. Tiene el conocimiento necesario y aclaró todas las dudas que tenía. Gracias por su servicio
Marina SG
Marina SG
Falta de profesionalidad y tardanza en las respuestas. Por el mal asesoramiento se nos alargó el proceso meses. Lo positivo es que al final nos devolvieron el dinero.
Maky Arias
Maky Arias
Servicio excelente, rapidez, profesionalismo. Empáticos con las situaciones de los clientes. Luego de hacer tu pago, te llega un email con los pasos a seguir, con el nombre de tu asesor y demás detalles, brindando muchísima confianza (cosa que falta en muchísimas gestorías actualmente). Los recomendaría al 100% si quieres que te atiendan profesionales reales que les IMPORTA genuinamente el éxito de tu proceso legal.
Justina Oigbochie
Justina Oigbochie
If you want 100% excellent client service, follow up and results I would recommend entre trámites They really amazed me and I recommended them to my school and entire network. Thank you for your support guys.
Cristina Toro
Cristina Toro
Un excelente servicio, súper amables, muy profesionales y con todo el conocimiento necesario! Recomiendo sus servicios 100%.
Judith PB
Judith PB
Very helpful and informative consultation. They are knowledgeable and have up to date information about Spanish tax laws and upcoming changes to autonomo fees.
Paco Cabeza
Paco Cabeza
Muy profesional...y las dudas resueltas muy rapido....espero aconsejarlo para amigos.
Entre trámites tiene un equipo joven y muy dinámico. Saben de lo que están hablando y saben cómo aconsejarte para que tú y tu empresa obtengáis el mejor resultado posible. Indispensable para navegar el laberinto de la burocracia española. A very knowledgeable team. I will definitely keep using them. Excellent work.

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Discover our simple, efficient and transparent service. First of all, the prices are already fixed, so you won’t have any surprises. Customize your personalized service so you only pay for what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will have a personal profile, where you can upload all your invoices and bank statements. You can forget about all the paperwork, while we take care of all its management.

In order for us to keep your accounting up to date and have greater control of your business accounts, you should submit them before the 5th of each month. It is especially important that you do it on time during tax filing months (April, July, October and January).

  • Corporate Tax.
  • Payments on account of Corporate Tax.
  • Value Added Tax (IVA).
  • Withholdings on earned income (IRPF).
  • Withholdings on leases.
  • Intra-community Declarations (349 and Intrastat).
  • Declaration of operations with third parties (347).
  • Registration / modification / deregistration from the Census.
  • Tax on Economic Activities.


All the information in detail here.

  • Payroll.
  • Work contracts, terminations and hiring
  • We take care of all the procedures related to Social Security.
  • We manage everything related to Personal Income Tax (IRPF) for your staff.
  • Employment Portal.

All the information in detail here.

You will always have a personalized treatment and direct contact with your advisor. You can communicate at any time (as long as it is on working hours) by email, telephone or videoconference, whichever is more convenient for you.

Every month, from the date you sign up, we will charge you a recurring payment.

And of course, there is no permanence. You can cancel our service at any time. Take a look at our Commercial Conditions.

To be your tax advisors and accountants you need to send us online:

  • Digital certificate.
  • Copy all the company’s directors Spanish ID (DNI) or Foreigner Identity Number (NIE).
  • Company’s Memorandum of Association.
  • Deeds for subsequent modifications (shares, directors, census changes, etc.).


Tax and accounting

  • Monthly or quarterly tax returns and annual summaries.
  • Corporate Tax and Annual Accounts.
  • Certificate of the registry of the company’s ledgers with the Mercantile Registry.
  • You will have to inform us of any ongoing processes with the Spanish Tax Authorities.
  • A file containing all the accounts.
  • Bank statement in Excel format or read-only access to bank transactions.


If you have employees…

  • Valid employee contracts.
  • Current year payroll.
  • Last TC2 (Social Security contributions).
  • If any payment has been made, summary of the year’s payroll.

We want to listen to you and know what your doubts and/or needs are about the procedures that you have to carry out. Count on the advice of our experts to clarify all your doubts. Fill in our contact form during our office hours, and we will contact you quickly.

Personalized service 

You will have a personal manager included in your fee. Contact your manager for any questions related to your SME.

All-inclusive prices 

The prices you see are the final prices

No permanence

You do not have any type of commitment of permanence.

Daily agenda

You will always be notified of the fiscal, mercantile and labor obligations of your company.

Ongoing support

You can always count on our team to monitor your business and advise you on which services best suit your needs.

Direct contact

Personalized attention from a trusted specialist, with whom you can communicate at all times through our different channels: telephone, chat or email.

Services that adapt to your needs

At all times you will have access to your SME accounting. Your manager will take  care of every detail:

  • You can issue your invoices online.
  • Access your company’s accounting information, balances and income statements updated..
  • Upload your documentation in the simplest way and your manager will take care of the rest.
  • Access to the banking information of your SME reconciled at all times.
  • Access to pending invoices from your customers and your suppliers.
  • Get all the support you need for the management of your business.

Tax doesn’t have to be a headache. Leave the burden in our hands.   All your company taxes will be up to date and you will have access to your tax  profile whenever you need.

  • Corporation Tax.
  • Payments on account of Corporation Tax.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • Withholdings on earned income (IRPF).
  • Withholdings on leases.
  • Intracommunity Declarations (349 and Intrastat).
  • Declaration of operations with third parties (347).
  • Registration / modification / cancellation of the Census.
  • Tax on Economic Activities.

Do not worry about being aware of your government notifications. Your manager will keep you informed of everything notification sent to your SME.

  • We take care of downloading the electronic notifications that your company receives.
  • Your manager will be in charge of answering them.

Have access to your commercial documents, and download them in an easy and simple way.

  • Submission of Official Books.
  • Submission of Annual Accounts.
  • All Board Minutes. 
  • Shareholders of Limited Companies.

Other services not included in the monthly fixed fee, but that could be provided by us:

  • Virtual office service: address and phone number in Spain.
  • Tax on Economic Activities.
  • Management of inactive companies.
  • Simple notes from the Mercantile Registry.
  • Checking accounting and taxes from previous years.
  • Consulting and Business Plan.
  • Tax, accounting and labor services abroad.
  • Opening of a subsidiary or branch abroad.
  • Search for financing for your business.

Accounting, Taxation and
Company Services

tramites y asesorias

Payroll and Personnel Management

nóminas y gestión de personal

Your personal manager will take care of everything so you can easily manage your personnel, the most valuable asset of your company:

  • The payroll of your employees is ready on time and fulfilling all the requirements (monthly payroll, extra payments, arrears , settlements).
  • Bank remittances for the payroll payment.
  • All the information necessary to include in your accounts.

Your manager will always be by your side to help you make everything easier when your employees come or leave:

  • Your work contracts will be prepared in line with official forms.
  • Assistance in the processes of termination of labor relations (end of contract letters, company certificate, settlement).
  • Control and monitoring of the expiration dates of your employees’ employment contracts.

We take care of all Social Security procedures:

  • Hiring, terminations and variations of employees’ contracts.
  • Monthly completion of Social Security paperwork.
  • Management of temporary disability reports, both for personal and professional incidences (Common Illness and Work Accidents), as well as their processing in the Sistema Red and Delt@.


We manage everything related to personal income tax (IRPF) for your workforce:

  • Communication of data to the company for the calculation of IRPF (form 145).
  • IRPF calculation for employees according to their personal and family situation.
  • Preparation and presentation of the payment on account of monthly/quarterly IRPF  withholdings (forms 111/216) and the annual summary of IRPF withholdings (form 190/296). National and provincial regime.
  • Preparation of  Certificates of Witholding.

You will have all your employees information in one place:

  • Employee Portal: you will have direct access to a platform, where you can access your workers  personal data, modify them whenever you want, and download all the labor documentation (payroll, withholding certificate, etc.)

Other services not included in the monthly fixed fee, but that could be provided by us:

  • Simulations of contracts or settlements.
  • Variations at Social Security of workforce registrations.
  • Opening of work centers.
  • Search for grants and subsidies related to employment.

Choose the services that better fits your commercial needs

Accounting, taxes and company services


Payroll and Personnel Management

Per employee/per month


Per service

Hiring and termination of employees´

Per employee