New Law on Guarantees for Spanish Small Businesses in 2023

spanish small businesses
In this article, we will explore the key aspects of this new guarantee law for Spanish small businesses.

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In an effort to protect and support Spanish small businesses, the Government of Spain has introduced a new guarantee law that seeks to provide additional security and support measures to this sector in 2023. This law aims to strengthen the local economy, promote competitiveness, and offer a stronger legal framework for small businesses. 

Financial and Fiscal Support in the Guarantee Law

The new guarantee law for Spanish small businesses in 2023 includes measures to provide financial and fiscal support to this sector. Some of the most notable measures are:

  1. Access to financing: Special programs and lines of credit will be established for Spanish small businesses to facilitate their access to financing. This will include the simplification of the procedures and requirements to obtain loans and lines of credit.
  2. Tax incentives: Tax incentives will be applied to alleviate the tax burden on Spanish small businesses. This may include local tax reductions, exemptions or reductions in the payment of certain taxes, and the implementation of simplified tax regimes to facilitate tax compliance.

Protection of Local Business

The new law also seeks to protect and promote local commerce against unfair competition. Some of the key measures in this regard are:

  1. Restriction of large stores: Stricter regulations will be established to limit the opening and expansion of large commercial stores, especially in areas where they may have a negative impact on small local businesses.
  2. Antitrust measures: Antitrust measures will be strengthened to prevent unfair business practices and ensure fair competition in the market. Special emphasis will be placed on preventing abuses of dominant positions by large companies and promoting diversity and competition in the sector.
  3. Promotion of local commerce: Awareness campaigns and promotion of local commerce will be implemented, encouraging purchases from local small businesses and highlighting the economic and social benefits of supporting these establishments.

Administrative Simplification

The new law also aims to simplify administrative procedures and requirements for Spanish small businesses. Some of the measures in this area are:

  1. Reduction of bureaucratic burdens: Administrative procedures will be simplified, reducing the required documentation and streamlining the opening, closing, and modification processes of small businesses.
  2. Digitization of procedures: The digitalization of administrative procedures will be promoted, facilitating the completion of procedures and reducing the dependence of businesses on in-person procedures.
  3. Support regarding security and consumer protection: Advice and support will be provided to small businesses regarding security and consumer protection, ensuring that they comply with established regulations and standards.

Through financial support measures, tax incentives, protection of local commerce, and administrative simplification, the aim is to create a more favorable environment for the development and growth of small businesses. This law represents an important step towards the promotion of the local economy and the sustainability of small businesses in Spain.

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