By subscribing to our service, you agree to the following unsubscription terms and conditions. Our subscription model operates under a framework similar to other subscription-based services, such as gym memberships or your favorite streaming service, therefore, cancellations must be made before the billing cycle renews to avoid charges for the following month.

Monthly Subscription Fee: By subscribing to our service, you agree to pay a monthly subscription fee. This fee will be automatically charged to your registered payment method at the beginning of each billing cycle.

Cancellation Window: Along with the subscription agreement, there is a limited time window within which you can cancel your subscription for the next billing cycle. This cancellation window is clearly outlined in our terms and conditions. Please note that no exceptions can be made once this window has passed. According to clause 15 of our contract conditions, the end date of your current subscription will be effective on the 30th of this month if the cancellation notification through the cancellation form has been made before the 20th of the current month. Otherwise, the cancellation will be effective on the 30th of the following month.

Cancellations Outside the Designated Window: We understand that circumstances may arise in which you wish to cancel your subscription after the billing cycle has begun. However, once your account has been charged for the month, it is not possible to issue refunds for cancellations made outside the designated cancellation window. This policy is in place to ensure fairness and consistency for all our subscribers.

Transparency and Clarity: We strive to provide transparency and clarity regarding our subscription policies. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully read our terms and conditions before subscribing to our services.

Contact: If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding our unsubscription policy, please feel free to contact our customer support team ([email protected]). We are here to assist you in any way we can.

Unsubscription Process: To cancel your subscription, please visit the following links depending on your situation:

By continuing with the subscription to our services, you fully accept these unsubscription terms and conditions.