How to File Prior Years’ Tax Returns

Prior Years' Tax Returns
Should you have filed your Tax Return but didn't? Submitting your Prior Years' Tax Returns after the deadline is possible. Let's see how to do it, step by step.

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Should you have filed your Income Tax Return in Spain and didn’t? Submitting your Prior Years’ Tax Returns after the deadline is possible, although it is also possible for Hacienda (Treasury) to sanction us. Next, we will see step by step how to fill in and present your Prior Years’ Tax Returns.

Procedure to File Prior Years’ Tax Returns

tax agency e-office

The following information was taken directly from the Tax Agency

In the Draft or Tax Return processing service (Renta WEB) 2020, the taxpayer of any type of income will have access to the Income Tax services that are enabled at that time, in addition to the links to procedures and queries for that year. Access can be found in the Electronic Office, “Featured procedures”, “Submit and consult Tax Returns”, “Form 100”, “Previous tax years”, “Tax year 2020.

Click on “Draft/Tax Return processing service (Renta WEB) 2020” and select the type of access, with Cl@ve PIN or reference number of the current campaign indicating the DNI or NIE in the box or with Digital Certificate/DNIe by clicking on «Access with a certificate or electronic DNI.

Once you access the file, you will have the following information:

  • The processing status of the tax return.
  • The services available, among them the consultation of fiscal data, census data or the consultation and presentation of the draft/tax return (Renta WEB).
  • The history of the file where all the states of the file have been recorded and, if it has already been filed, obtain a copy of the tax return filed from the link “Recording of the tax return…”.

In “Available Services” click on “Draft/Tax Return (Renta WEB)”; if you have already accessed Renta WEB at some other time, a pop-up window will inform you of the existence of a previous tax return, which you can retrieve from the “Continue session” option, modify a previously filed tax return from “Modify filed tax return” or start a new procedure from “New tax return“, incorporating the tax data again. You can also choose the co-official language in which you want to make the document.

If it is the first time you access, the identification data of the taxpayer and the rest of the taxpayers of the components of the family unit will be displayed on the first screen. If it contains erroneous or inaccurate data or any specific data has been omitted, you must first modify it. Keep in mind that the marital status and if you have minor or judicially incapacitated children subject to extended or rehabilitated parental authority cannot be subsequently modified.

In the event that there is a spouse, you must authorize the transfer of tax data of your spouse with a reference or Cl@ve PIN of the latter. If you do not want to enter your spouse’s tax data, you must check the box for the calculation of the individual return.

By pressing the icon with the symbol of a pencil you can modify or introduce new members to the family unit. To delete them, click the red cross icon. Once you have filled in the information at the bottom, click “Accept”.

After accepting the identification data screen, if the application detects that additional tax data must be transferred to the tax return, follow the instructions in the next window to incorporate this information. If you do not need to enter any additional information to generate the tax return, you will directly access the summary of results from where you can both check the result of the tax return for each modality and complete it, if necessary.

At the top, there is an additional menu from which you can view the tax data charged for each taxpayer and download a PDF with a preview of the tax return for each taxpayer or joint taxpayer. Take into account that in order to view the documents in PDF format it is necessary to have a PDF file viewer installed on your computer like Adobe Acrobat Reader (we recommend at least version 9.0). Keep in mind that you can download this PDF document viewer from the Adobe Official page, free of charge.

From “View transferred data” you can check which data has been included in the tax return, which has not been included, and the notes on this incorporation.

It also has explanatory videos and, through the question mark icon, you can access the help manual for filing the Income Tax return.

From the “Summary of tax returns”, you can also save the tax return using the “Save” option and view your personal data on “Personal data”. By clicking on the “Continue with the tax return” button, you will be able to access the different pages of the tax return to check all the data and continue completing it.

In the “Sections” button you can access the different sections of your tax return and use the arrow commands to move among its pages. Before submitting the tax return, check if there are any errors in filling in by clicking on the “Validate” button. If you need to go to a specific box or a section of the tax return, click on the magnifying glass icon.

From this same window, you can access the summary of results or “Submit tax return” to finish processing the tax return.

Select how you want to file the return, individual or joint.

If the Tax Return results in a Tax Refund, you will only have to indicate your IBAN code, but if the declaration results in a deposit and you wish to pay the amount at your financial institution, click on “Document to enter in Bank/Cash” and in this way, it will be presented online but as a pending payment, so it will be necessary for you to go to a financial institution with the payment document to fully finish this payment.

If you check “Debit on account with NRC” you must obtain the NRC (Complete Reference Number) and fill it in in the corresponding box or select other forms of payment such as acknowledgment of debt with the inability to pay or request for deferment, among others.

Finally, click on “Accept” to make the online submission, then check the box “Accept” and click on “Sign and send” to finish the submission process.

Watch a tutorial! File Prior Years’ Tax Return in Spain

Discover how to easily file your prior years’ tax returns online with our step-by-step tutorial. We’ll guide you through the process, helping you navigate the necessary stage and requirements:

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