How to check your Tax Refund Status?

When you have paid more Income Taxes than your set amount, you'll be given a Tax Refund. Find out how to keep track of your Tax Refund Status!
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When you have paid more income tax than your set amount, the Tax Agency allows you to keep track of the following process and monitor your Tax Refund status.

The Tax Agency allows taxpayers to check the status of the processing of their Income Tax Return through its website when it becomes a Tax Refund and the overpayments need to be reimbursed.

What is the process for checking your Tax Refund Status?

To obtain information on the processing status of the Income Tax amount that needs to be reimbursed, you must go to the section 2021 Income Tax Campaign, from the website of the Tax Agency and access your personal file through the option “Draft/tax return processing services (Renta WEB)“.

For a query, identification can be done in three different ways:

Depending on your Tax Refund status, different types of messages will appear in the “Processing Status” section of the file, such as “your tax return is being processed”, “your tax return is being verified” or others.

When the appropriate examinations have been carried out and the Tax Refund status appears as approved or correct, a message will appear indicating when the Tax Refund will be issued.

Using the VERIFICA System to check your Tax Refund Status

If it is a Tax Refund and it is still pending, it is advisable to access the file to check if it is within the system called VERIFICA (“Autocorrección de declaraciones”), which will speed up the refund.

For taxpayers with pending refunds that meet the system requirements, a message will appear informing them of the possibility of expediting the verification and subsequent refund.

To be able to access the VERIFICA System you must use the Digital Certificate, Electronic DNI, or [email protected] PIN.

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