Why can someone be deported from Spain? All the causes

why can someone be deported from spain
If you wonder why can someone be deported from Spain and you are worried you may be deported, just read on and discover the main causes!

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To be deported from Spain is one of the most complex processes for someone who wishes to succeed in the country. If you are wondering why can someone be deported from Spain and which can be the reasons for this, in this article we’ll explain everything you need to know and the legal implications a deportation entails.

Why can someone be deported from Spain? Main Causes

Irregular stay:

One of the most common causes of deportation from Spain is an irregular stay. This refers to the situation in which a person is in Spain without having obtained the necessary permits to reside legally or when they are overstaying in Spain. If a person is discovered in this situation, they can be immediately deported.

Committing criminal acts:

Another cause of deportation is committing crimes on Spanish territory. If a person is convicted of a crime, they can be deported from Spain after serving their sentence. Serious crimes such as those related to drug trafficking, gender violence, or terrorism can lead to immediate deportation.

Representing a threat to national security:

If a person is considered a threat to national security, they can be deported from Spain. This can occur in cases of espionage, sabotage, or any other activity that endangers the security of the State.

Non-compliance with legal obligations

If a person fails to comply with their legal obligations established in Spain, such as paying taxes or respecting traffic rules, they can be deported from the country.

Forgery of documents

The forgery of documents to obtain a residence or work permit in Spain is another common cause of deportation. If a person is discovered doing this, they can also be deported from Spain.

It is important to note that the deportation of a person from Spain is not a straightforward process and is subject to strict legal procedures. Before being deported, the affected person has the right to be informed of the reasons for their deportation and to present allegations and appeals.

In conclusion, irregular stay, crimes, threats to national security, non-compliance with legal obligations, and forgery of documents are the main causes for which a person can be deported from Spain. It is important to remember that expulsion is a complex legal process, and any affected person has the right to make allegations and appeals against this decision.

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