New Comprehensive Certificate of Social Security Benefits

Comprehensive Certificate of Benefits
In order to assist Social Security benefits claimants, a Comprehensive Certificate of Benefits has become available. Learn more about it here!

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Social Security wants to help claimants of benefits, subsidies and economic aid to organize their documents. For this purpose, it has been made available to anyone who requests, a Comprehensive Certificate of Benefits (or, “Certificado Integral de Prestaciones”) that the user has received or is receiving up to that moment.

The objective of this Comprehensive Certificate of Benefits is to record all the benefits that have been received and those that have not, in a PDF file with which the user can opt for other administrative procedures for which it is a requirement.

It should be pointed out that Social Security is in very high demand after the Covid-19 pandemic, mainly because from its offices, the interested party or beneficiary can request the Minimum Vital Income, among other benefits.

This informative document can be obtained online through the Social Security website, specifically from its electronic headquarters. The new “Comprehensive Certificate of Benefits ” has been in operation since last January.

The purpose is informational and is expressly aimed both at people who are receiving a benefit from the Social Security system or a different entity but attached to the Register of Public Social Services and those who do not receive any pension.

Using the Comprehensive Certificate of Benefits, Social Security aspires that the user does not get lost among paperwork and finds a simple way to order all the information regarding benefits or financial aid.

What is the new Comprehensive Certificate of Benefits?

It is a document that is easy to access and can be requested through the Social Security Website. It intends that the user does not get lost in the maze of administrative documents and that, at the same time, they remain informed. Even so, if the user has any doubts, they can go to any of the Social Security offices that are open in their area of residence.

However, it is essential to make an appointment with Social Security when visiting one of these offices.

The Comprehensive Certificate of Benefits is composed of the following reports:

  • Summary of benefits
  • Breakdown of benefits
  • Benefits without amounts
  • Personal Income Tax (IRPF) report
  • Pension revaluation
  • Stopped or suspended pensions
  • Negative pensions
  • Report for the beneficiaries of deductions

With this document, the claimant can prove not only that they are receiving a pension, but also that they do not have one.

How do I request my Comprehensive Certificate of Benefits?

Social Security Electronic Headquarters

To apply, you must follow the steps below:

  • Enter the Social Security Website
  • Click on the “Citizens” section
  • Click on “Reports and Certificates”, where the Certificate of Benefits appears

To access this certificate, it is necessary for the user to:

  • Have a digital certificate, user and password registered with Permanent Cl@ve
  • Be registered in the Cl@ve platform or use the SMS service. If this option is chosen, it is essential to check that the telephone number available to Social Security is the correct one

Social Security must confirm that the user is legitimate and that no fraud or identity theft is committed.

To do this, once you have logged in, it will ask for some personal information from those in your files. If they are correct, you will be able to continue. If not, it will stop the application.

Once the form is completed, the user will be able to download the PDF file with all the information about their benefits, pensions, subsidies, or other social assistance.

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