Don’t make these mistakes if you want to request the Minimum Vital Income

request the minimum vital income common mistakes
Since June 15 the period to apply for this benefit is open and certain errors are already evident when requesting the Minimum Vital Income. Do not make them too!

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Last Monday the period to request the Minimum Vital Income started. For now, it is only possible to carry out this procedure through the internet and after receiving thousands of applications, there are already many users who report errors when they request the Minimum Vital Income.

The problem comes when this request is submitted by a person who is not very familiar with new technologies. We live in the age of technology, but not everyone has adapted to it in the same way and that is where the problems arise when submitting the application to request the minimum vital income.

Next, we inform you of the most common mistakes that can be made when submitting the application and that you should avoid. Remember that if you need to request it, here you have the step by step to request the minimum vital income online.

Documents that you must request from the Administration to avoid mistakes when requesting the Minimum Vital Income

When we request the Minimum Vital Income, Social Security asks for a series of documents that are needed for the approval of the benefit. Among these documents we can find DNI, NIE or Family Book. Up to this point, there is no problem.

The problem comes when they ask us for the Empadronamiento certificate, literal birth certificate, or the certificate of legal residence in Spain that is issued by the National Police. In these cases, if we do not have a digital certificate, we will not be able to obtain these documents and we will be forced to wait for the opening of the administration offices to carry out these procedures.

If you see yourself in this situation, do not commit this mistake and submit the application online. Wait until you have all the documentation requested and present it in person at the Social Security offices when they are enabled to do so soon.

The INSS offices will remain closed for the duration of the State of Alarm due to the COVID-19 health crisis.

Digital Certificate

Another of the mistakes that people make the most is uploading the PDF that Social Security gives us without signing it. When we make the request, in one of the steps we must download a PDF that is basically our application.

We must print this application, sign it, scan it and upload it again. A somewhat complicated task, especially if we do not have a printer and scanner. As if that is not enough, in order to upload this PDF we must have our digital certificate.

If we, in fact, do not have it, Social Security allowed another person who has a digital certificate to send this file as a representative of the applicant.

In addition, the Ministry of Inclusion directed by José Luis Escrivá, announced that applicants for this social aid will soon be able to present it in the town halls where they reside.

The applicant’s income

Another of the most common mistakes made by applicants when they request the Minimum Vital Income is when calculating their income and assets.

When an applicant reaches section number three “declaration of income and assets”, they must make a calculation and subject to their judgment what their income is. Escrivá already stated in a press conference that Minimum Vital Income applicants should not make this calculation, but even so, it is a requirement to be able to request vital aid.

If you have any doubts when filling out the application, we recommend that you wait to request a prior appointment at the Social Security offices in person. If you need to request the Minimum Vital Income now, Social Security has a telephone number set up for inquiries and doubts, which is 900 20 22 22.

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