Guide: Everything you need to know about taxation as a corporate self-employed

corporate self-employed
With our guide we teach you what you need to know about taxation as a corporate self-employed, so you can stay up to date with your obligations. Download it for free here!

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If you have a mercantile company or have decided to build one, you will have to register as self-employed with the municipal administrations (Tax Agency, Social Security). You should know that the legal regime of the corporate self-employed person has its own characteristics and its Social Security contribution is different, you should also know how it works. The amount you have to pay and the tax obligations you have to assume depend on it.

There are those who are obliged to configure themselves from the first moment as corporate self-employed, the question is knowing whether they have effective control of the company and to perform, or not, functions within the company.

Therefore, we invite you to download our guide which contains everything you need to know about taxation if you are self-employed and part of a company. With it, you can know step-by-step how to stay up to date with your tax obligations. If you have more questions, schedule a free consultation with Entre Trámites and we will solve them for you!

Contents of the guide on taxation for corporate self-employed

In the guide you will find information about:

  • IRPF effects: Should you be paid through the company’s payroll or should you invoice the company? One of the biggest doubts that is answered here.
  • Corporate self-employed and VAT: The invoices issued by the corporate self-employed will carry VAT or not, depending on whether or the activity is carried out independently, or not, of the company itself.
  • Self-employed contributions to Social Security: How can the corporate self-employed contribute to Social Security? Are there any benefits? For how much do they contribute? These doubts are answered here.

You can use this document, along with the templates to download for free on our website, to carry out your procedures with the Spanish municipal administrationsOr if you prefer, we can give you advice!

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