Guide: Accounting books for the Self-Employed

accounting books for the self-employed
With our guide we show you step by step how to prepare accounting books for the self-employed, according to the tax regime in which they are registered. Download it for free here!

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Don’t you know what accounting obligations self-employed people have? Did you know that, according to your tax regime, you may or may not have to keep accounting records? What are the required books?

In the following guide, you will find information on how to carry out your accounting and registration obligations as a self-employed, differentiate the obligations according to the estimation regime in which you find yourself, and how to keep records of your operations and comply with your formal obligations.

According to the Personal Income Tax Law, VAT, and the Mandate HAC/773/2019, income and VAT taxpayers have formal, accounting and registration obligations; particularly the keeping of accounting books according to your Personal Income Tax (IRPF) estimation regime and if your activity is subject to VAT.

Therefore, we invite you to download our guide which contains everything you need to know to do your accounting books as a self-employed. With this guide, you can learn the step by step to stay up to date with your tax obligations. If you have more questions, schedule a free consultation with Entre Trámites and we will solve them for you!

Contents of the guide on accounting books

In the guide that you can download in the button below, we detail what the registration and accounting obligations are, according to the regime for estimation of your income tax selected to pay taxes and pay your tax on your profits. These are:

  • Objective estimation regime (modules).
  • Direct, normal, or simplified estimation regime.

You will also find:

  • Types of accounting books.
  • What is the compatibility of the books?
  • How to make the books together?
  • What are the requirements of the books?
  • How long should the books be kept?

You can use this document, along with the templates to download for free on our website, to carry out your processes with the Electronic Headquarters of the Tax AgencyOr we can help you!

At Entre Trámites we offer various services of management, advice, and support in bureaucratic procedures for self-employed, SMEs, and other types of companies. Contact us! Through our contact form, you can leave your details for us to call you, schedule a free consultation, or simply text our WhatsApp.

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