Why being Self-Employed in 2023 is worth it?

Why being Self-Employed in 2023 is worth it
Whether you are looking to make a major change in your professional life or simply want to stay ahead of the game, understanding the reasons why being Self-Employed can be beneficial in 2023 is an important part of making an informed decision.

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The year 2023 has arrived, bringing with it many changes for self-employed workers and entrepreneurs in Spain. With the new Tax Law of 2021, being self-employed is even more attractive and many people are considering it as an option for their professional future. Below we will break down the benefits of being self-employed this year and talk about the new progressive payment system that comes with it.

The year 2023 brings a progressive payment system for self-employed workers. All self-employed workers, regardless of their income, will be able to benefit from the new payment system, which represents a considerable improvement compared to the previous flat rate of 377.87 euros per month in 2022. The new minimum base is set at 1,000 euros, which results in a payment rate of 310 euros per month. This type of improved payment system helps self-employed workers save money in the short and long term.

In addition, because the new system is based on income, those who earn more money have to pay more for the same benefits. This helps incentivize better performance, which ultimately translates into higher income for those who put their effort and skills into their work. Moreover, the new system also offers advantages to those starting a business from scratch. The new system reduces the minimum base for newly self-employed people from 230 euros per month in 2022 to just a fraction of that amount in 2023.

Self-employed people have access to reduced payments

The new payment system for self-employed in 2023 comes with reduced payments that new self-employed people starting their businesses will be able to benefit from. This is a substantial improvement highly appreciated by those who are especially looking forward to being self-employed in 2023. Since the beginning of this year, self-employed people only have to pay a minimum base of only 30.6% of their income, which represents a monthly fee much lower than in previous years.

These reduced payments include contributions for common contingencies, professional contingencies, cessation of activity and professional training. With the new payment system, self-employed people can start their activity comfortably, without worrying about having to pay large amounts of money.

Besides, the payment system ensures that self-employed workers receive appropriate support when they need it, including access to healthcare services and help when they decide to retire. Being self-employed in 2023 is the right decision to maximize benefits and minimize payments.

By being self-employed, you will have greater control

The year 2023 marks a change in the way self-employed workers are viewed. Gone are the days when freelancers were seen simply as “job seekers” looking for extra money or a quick fix. The self-employed now have access to many career opportunities that come with a great degree of control.

Being self-employed opens the door to many opportunities, as self-employed workers are not subject to the same rules and regulations as full-time employees. Freelancers have the freedom to choose their own projects, focus on a specific speciality, and decide when and how often they work.

When it comes to taxation, self-employed workers also have more control. Self-employed workers can deduct various expenses from their income, including medical expenses, tools and supplies, fuel, and other professional activities. These deductions, combined with the reduced payments of the new payment system, make being self-employed in 2023 even more attractive.

Self-employed workers have the opportunity to build their own businesses

Self-employed workers in 2023 also have the opportunity to build their own businesses. In the past, becoming a freelancer was considered a solitary pursuit, but with new government initiatives and incentives, the self-employed now have the power to form groups if they so choose. Through organizations such as entrepreneur associations, the self-employed can join forces and create projects as a collective.

These projects can take different forms, including launching a product or service, creating digital content, or even starting a unique and innovative business. The options are limitless and the potential for success is real. With the new payment system, self-employed workers will be able to benefit from reduced payments and deductions to finance their projects and start their businesses.

Being self-employed in 2023 brings multiple advantages for self-employed workers and entrepreneurs in Spain. With the new payment system, the self-employed will be able to enjoy reduced payments and lower taxes, as well as the opportunity to set up their own business with the help of generous government incentives. For those looking to turn their professional life around in 2023, being self-employed is certainly an attractive option with a multitude of benefits.

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