Download the official application form for the capitalization of unemployment or a single payment of the contributory benefit.

Getting unemployment benefits in a single payment can become an interesting option to try self-employment.

What is the Single Payment?

This is a measure to promote and facilitate self-employment initiatives. Especially among people who are receiving contributory unemployment benefits. In this way, the current value of the total benefit amount is paid:

Requirements to apply for the Single Payment

You can also go to a Punto de Asesoramiento e Inicio de la Tramitación (Advice and Start of Processing Point or PAIT), where you will be informed about the process and procedures for creating your company, or access  CIRCE.

How to apply for this benefit?

You can present it through:

The date of the application must be prior to the date of incorporation into the cooperative or labour company or the date of the beginning of the activity as a self-employed person or as a partner of the commercial entity. The start date is considered to be the one that appears as such in the worker’s application for registration with Social Security.

If you need any type of advice with Social Security procedures, you can contact us! It is always good to leave bureaucratic issues in the hands of specialists.