Companies and Organizations Statues Forms
Download the forms you need related to the statute for the creation of current Companies and Organizations.

The statutes are the pact where all the rights and obligations of the partners are grouped, as well as the rules that govern the company.

These documents are an initial step for the company’s constitution and must be in the articles of incorporation.

Depending on the commercial company that is decided, the statutes gather a series of contents that are already pre-established. However, the founding partners have the power to incorporate the agreements they need.

Therefore, being an agreement made between the partners themselves, the statutes are valid both for the present partners and for those who could join the company in the future. For this reason, it’s also necessary that the statutes meet the requirements required by law, and that may vary depending on the type of company.

We sincerely believe that starting from forms and templates to create your statutes greatly facilitates the work, since you benefit from best practices that serve as a reference and to avoid mistakes.

So here you have the selection of 6 forms of statutes that Entre Trámites provides you: Community of Goods, Civil Society, Limited Company (SL), Cooperative, Limited Company (SA) and New Company Limited Company (SLNE).

Companies and Organizations Statues Forms

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