Sometimes the person concerned cannot go to the Social Security offices, for example, because they are working. In that case, another person can carry out the procedure on their behalf with written authorization, such as the following form.

The authorization letter must be taken to the Social Security offices. It must already be prepared and signed by the holder and the authorized person.

Observations to take into account

This writing must be signed by both parties, the owner (the grantor) and the person to whom the authorization is given (the representative).

It must be accompanied by a photocopy of the holder’s DNI/NIE or PASSPORT. Since this authorization letter will be kept by Social Security, you must have two copies made. The other must be kept in the representative’s possession.

The authorization letter is a useful document in case you want to give someone permission to do some activity in your place, such as carrying out paperwork attending academic auctions, or giving freedom to your son or daughter to work or do a job. travel while a minor.

How to write an authorization letter?

To write an authorization letter,  it is important that you take into account the characteristics of a formal letter. We recommend that when writing an authorization letter you use clear and direct language and politeness when addressing your recipient when writing an authorization letter. Don’t forget to use a polite style and to thank in the last paragraph the person who is going to read the letter of authorisation for his or her time or attention.

You can download the model in editable Word format:

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