Am I ready to be self-employed?

Am I ready to be self-employed?
Being self-employed requires a lot of having great ideas, being an entrepreneur and having resources. But, in this article we tell you other points to take into account to know if you are ready to be self-employed.

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In recent years, the labor sector has undergone a great transition in which many people began to exercise their profession and skills independently (without belonging to a company), and others consider the possibility of being self-employed. In Spain, self-employment is one of the fastest-growing segments in the market.

It is a fact that companies and entrepreneurs must prepare for this new world order, however, to be self-employed it is required: a business idea, being an entrepreneur, having resources to carry out the work, and other aspects that make up having a ‘wood entrepreneur’ or ‘independent leader’.

Next, we will tell you in detail some points so that you can answer the question: Am I ready to be self-employed?

Am I prepared to work for myself?

The first thing you always have to ask yourself is what are you going to do as an independent or self-employed? Will your services interest someone or companies? This is because your project will be inspired by an idea/business model that will cover a ‘latent’ need in the market and for a certain audience.

If there is still no clarity about what you can offer by being self-employed, it is better to analyze the situation more before starting.

Change mindset

It is not the same to work for someone else with comforts such as getting paid at the beginning of the month and not worrying about Social Security payments and labor taxes; to be autonomous and have to look for clients, bill, keep accounts and much more.

If you want to be autonomous, you must think like someone independent and capable of performing various functions: producing, selling, marketing, managing people (if applicable) and keeping the ship afloat as the captain you will become. Prepare your mind for it.

Work routes

You should know that when you start as a freelancer, it is very likely that you will receive more inquiries about your services than actual jobs. For this reason, proposing several work routes will increase opportunities with potential clients and they will be able to reach agreements.

The better you build your reputation and prestige, the more credibility you will transmit, your client list will grow, more applications will arrive and you will close more contracts. In the future, it could be you who chooses what to work on.

Network of contacts

In addition to finding clients, it is also important to find contacts to ally with and thus also find more clients. Being self-employed implies generating trust and that is fulfilled if you show the quality of your work to your close ones, they will be your first and main source of business and income.

If the list of contacts is not that extensive, it is advisable to work on networking and marketing strategies to attract them. Attending events, conferences, talks and generating content through social networks are some actions.

Presence in social networks

By generating content in RR.SS, you also present your business digitally. Being self-employed in this technological age, you can create a website, open a company page on Facebook, Linked In, Google+ and stay active on Instagram and/or Twitter.

It is a fact that social networks are the fastest, cheapest and most effective means of communication at the moment, especially to create a presence in the market and gain a reputation as an expert in your profession.

Professional image

Although in business the image “is not everything”, for clients it is and they will analyze whether or not to hire you based on it, in part. As an independent you must maintain a professional image twice as much as you usually do as an employee; also in the vocabulary you use to describe yourself and your business.

Experts recommend applying habits such as answering phone calls with your name or company name, referring to yourself as an advisor or owner of a self-employed business, and having business cards or presentation with contact, among others.

Climb prices and learn to negotiate

As your business becomes more consolidated by being self-employed, it can become more sustainable if you raise prices little by little depending on the situation, type of public and place where you work. It will be necessary to scale prices, at least from the new clients that arrive and/or apply a price increase according to the CPI and the SMI.

The important thing is not to stay forever with the same prices as when you started, since they formulate failure. The profession and the work are worth it, as it grows, the more professional and quality it is.

Hence, it is also important to know how to sell and negotiate. Initially, most freelancers choose to accept any price for their work, and no business can sustain itself that way in the future. Without abusing, keep your prices as you establish them, regardless of the fact that clients may be lost, then more will arrive and pay what your work is worth.

A decision of your own

Finally, these are just some tips to formulate a good start to being self-employed but the decision will be entirely yours. However, despite the many difficulties that exist before, during and after consolidating as an independent, in most cases it ends up being a very interesting and rewarding journey.

For those who want it, it is a decision and an illusion to launch their own project/business on the market… and it will be an immense and unquantifiable learning that being an employee you may not live in the same way.

You have to live it to know it.

Help for the self-employed

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