By using Form EX15, you can request:

All these options indicate your legal situation in Spain, that is to say, if you have a stay or residence in Spanish territory.

Foreigners who, due to their economic, professional, or social interests, are related to Spain, will be provided, upon request, with a Foreigner Identity Number.

This number is personal, unique, exclusive, and also of a sequential nature, serving as an identification number for tax purposes in Spain as well.

What are the reasons for filing Form EX15?

Regardless of whether you apply for the Foreigner Identity Number (NIE) or the Certificates, you may state that the reasons that prompt you to request it are due to economic interests, professional interests, or social interests, which you must specify in the form itself.

Where can I submit the application and Form EX15?

You can go in person to the Dirección General de la Policía y de la Guardia Civil, or apply through the Immigration Offices or Police Stations. If you are not in Spain at the time of the application, you can request it from the Comisaría General de Extranjería y Fronteras (General Commission for Migration and Borders), through the Consular Offices of Spain abroad.

Is there any requirement?

There are some specific requirements that you must fulfill/submit to get your application approved. You can check all the documentation in our article that explains how to apply for the NIE, step by step.

However, an important thing to keep in mind is that to get your NIE the following cases should not concur:

Finally, if you need any kind of advice regarding immigration procedures, you can always contact usIt is always a good idea to leave your bureaucratic paperwork in the hands of specialists.