Through Form EX13, you can receive a document that allows the departure and subsequent return to Spain abroad, with the condition that your residence or stay permit must be in the process of renewal or extension. In Spain, this document is called “Autorización de Regreso”.

What are the conditions to apply?

The cases to request a re-entry permit are the following:

In which cases can a Re-entry Permit be denied?

This authorization will not be granted to foreigners who are prohibited from leaving Spain or whose freedom of movement has been restricted by the Judicial Authority as a precautionary measure or in an extradition process, or when there is a final sentence.

What is the documentation to submit along with Form EX13?

The documents that must be accompanied by the application Form EX13 are:

Where should the application be submitted?

The place of submission of the application will be any public registry and should go addressed to the Immigration Office or the Police Station corresponding to the province in which the foreigner resides.

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