This card is a residence and work permit that enables foreigners holding an EU-Blue Card issued in another country of the European Union to carry out their qualified job in Spain.

Form EX00 includes the following types of permits:

What is it for?

It is used to apply for a temporary residence and work authorization for a foreign worker residing outside Spain to perform a work activity that requires a higher education qualification or, with the exception of a minimum of five years of professional experience. It is also used to apply for a temporary residence and work permit for an EU Blue Card holder admitted in another EU Member State.

Who can request it?

In either case, it will be the employer, personally or through his legal representative, who may submit this request.

What are the documents that must accompany Form EX05?

In addition to Form EX05, the following documents must be attached:

Where to apply for it?

It can be requested at the Immigration Offices or at the Police Station of the province where the services are to be provided.

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