Officially known in Spanish as: “Solicitud de autorización de residencia temporal y trabajo por cuenta ajena”.

Download the Immigration Form EX03 in PDF format, to apply for a temporary residence and work permit as an employee in Spain.

Through this form, a foreigner can request to reside and work temporarily, as an employee, in Spain. The following Form EX03 includes the following types of permits:

What is the purpose of Form EX03?

This application form is used to request a temporary residence and work permit for the hiring of a worker, that is to say, an employee who is neither located nor lives in Spain.

Who can apply for it?

The employer can request it personally or they can also do it through a legal representative.

What documents are necessary besides Form EX03?

Along with the application form, the following documentation must be submitted:

Where should the application be submitted?

The place to submit this application is the Immigration Office of the province where the services are to be provided. In the case of companies with workplaces in more than one province and more than 500 workers, it must be submitted to the Large Companies Unit (Unidad de Grandes Empresas) of the General Directorate of Immigration.

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