Form EX01 includes the following types of permits:

What is Form EX01 for?

Form EX01 is used to request temporary residence in Spanish territory, which will initially have a duration of one year. It must be taken into account that this permit will be only for purposes of residence and it does not allow the foreigner to work. It is also known as the Non-Lucrative Visa.

Who can request it?

It must be requested directly by the foreigner who wants to reside in Spain.

What are the required documents besides Form EX01?

In the first place, the corresponding visa must be requested, in person, at the Spanish diplomatic or consular demarcation of your residence area. Once the visa application has been submitted, it must be attached along with the application for the Non-Lucrative Temporary Residence Permit, and the following documents must also be provided:

Where to submit Form EX01?

The place of submission of the application will be the Spanish diplomatic mission or Consular Office in whose demarcation the foreigner resides.

What is the period to obtain a resolution?

The term of resolution is three months from the day following the date on which it was received at the registry of the competent body for its processing.

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