The following Form EX00 includes the following types of permits:

In which case should Form EX00 be presented?

Foreigners who have entered Spain for purposes other than work or residence, except in the cases of holding a job search visa. They must request it during the period of stay.

When entering Spain without a visa, and they are of a humanitarian, family, health care, public interest, or other exceptional circumstance that justifies it, the stay of a foreigner in Spanish territory beyond three months may be authorized.

What documents must be submitted along with Form EX00?

The application will be done personally by the foreigner (or his legal representative in case of being a minor) through the Official Form (EX-00). Also the original and a copy of the following documents will be attached:

Where and how to present Form EX00?

Those who are on a short stay without a visa must identify themselves in person at the Immigration Office, Superior Headquarters or Police Station of the locality where they are, when submitting the application or at the time of the processing when, for this purpose, they are required by the competent body.

And, for the processing of an extension of the short-stay visa, an Immigration Office or Police Station of the province where the foreigner is going to stay will be valid.

What is the responsible body?

The extension of stay without a visa may be granted by the Government Subdelegates, by the Government Delegates in the uniprovincial Autonomous Communities, and by the General Commissioner for Immigration and Borders of the General Directorate of Police, following a report from the Superior Headquarters or Police Station, if the following circumstances apply:

  1. That the documentation adapts to the general provisions.
  2. That the applicant is not involved in any of the following causes:
    1. Prohibition of entry, because it was not known at the time of admission or because it had occurred during their stay in Spain.
    2. Expulsion or return.

The granted extension of stay will be reflected by a visa sticker. In the case of an extension of stay without a visa, it will be stated in the passport or travel document, or in a separate document if the applicant has entered Spain with other types of documentation.


Denials on the extension of stay must be reasoned and formally notified to the interested party, with the guarantees of appeal provided by law, and must order their departure from the national territory, which has to be done before the end of the initial period of stay or, if this has elapsed, within the period set in the refusal resolution, which may not exceed seventy-two hours.

The departure period will be stated in the passport, travel title, or in the corresponding form to record the departure from the national territory.

Note on the validity of foreign public documents: To check the essential requirements regarding the legalization and translation of foreign public documents, you can see the informative sheet of the General Secretariat of Immigration and Emigration.

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