How to recover the VAT paid on trips as a Self-Employed or SME within the EU?

Recover the VAT paid on trips
Can I recover the VAT paid on business trips? How will the money return to my account? Am I not infringing on a crime? Solve all these doubts in this blog!

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Good news! Yes, you can recover the VAT paid on trips through an online application. Many times, the expenses that are assumed within the trips have a considerable cost in VAT, despite being necessary expenses for the development of your economic activity, obtaining new projects and/or clients in member countries of the European Union.

In this blog, we tell you how to recover the VAT paid. And if you have more questions, you can contact Entre Trámites in a free consultation, we will solve all your concerns. We can even manage your taxation!

Recover the VAT paid on trips as a Self-Employed or company

If you are self-employed or a company in Spain, it is possible to recover VAT, as long as the expenses for the purchase of goods or provision of services that you incurred are deductible in Spanish territory when carrying out your economic activity; also, if you have not invoiced it in that EU member country to which you traveled.

Some expenses such as lodging, car rental, trade fair and/or convention tickets, tolls, transportation, among others, which are generally invoiced with VAT, can be recovered by requesting a refund only online at the Electronic Headquarters of the Tax Agency through the Modelo 360, with a term until September 30 of the following year of the trip made or date of the invoice.

This form allows the Tax Agency to request a refund of the VAT paid from its equivalent in another community country.

Before making the request to recover the VAT paid on trips, take into account the following recommendations:

  • Save all your invoices received on a business trip to a country in the European Union.
  • Make a list of the date, amount, service and/or good purchased, name and fiscal data of your supplier, type of currency and invoice number.
  • If you were in several countries, list the invoices separately.

Recover VAT paid on trips within the EU: step by step

To start the VAT refund request, enter the Electronic Office of the Tax Agency to fill in the 360 model. Although, before this process you must have a digital certificate as a self-employed person or company representative; If you don’t have this certificate, don’t worry! You can request it with Entre Trámites and we will manage it for you.

After logging in, fill in the following information:

  1. EU member country of the supplier of the goods and/or services to which the return is requested.
  2. NIF and name of the return applicant.
  3. Scope of establishment of the applicant: if you do not live in any foral community or in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, choose the option “Established in the VAT application territory”.
  4. Reason for presentation: Request for refund.
  5. Start and end of the trip period: invoice dates.

After this previous information, click on send and continue with the request operation:

  1. Fill in email and phone.
  2. Fiscal address of the applicant in Spain.
  3. List of invoices received with VAT paid.
  4. Total amount of the request.
  5. Bank account to which you want the VAT refund to be transferred.
  6. Attach the requested invoices with the detailed information.

Finally you must send the request, signing with the digital certificate. From that moment, the Tax Agency will have a maximum period of eight months to respond.

Follow the previous steps to recover the VAT paid on trips to member countries of the European Community, but always remember that an accounting advisor will be able to guide you better.

Finally, at Entre Trámites we offer various agency, advisory and support services in bureaucratic processes for the self-employed, including the management of your accounting, taxation and payment of taxes for the self-employed, SMEs and other companies.

Do you need more information about reclaiming VAT for business trips?

At Entre Trámites we offer various services of management, advice, and support in bureaucratic procedures for self-employed, SMEs, and other types of companies.

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