The Contrato de Arras in Spain: everything you need to know

The Contrato de Arras in Spain everything you need to know
Here you will learn about the features and definition of the "Contrato de Arras" in Spain.

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The Contrato de Arras, also known as the Contrato de Reserva or deposit contract, is an essential legal document in real estate transactions in Spain. This prior agreement between the buyer and the seller is a fundamental part of the home-buying process in the country. Throughout this article, we will explore in detail what the Contrato de Arras is, its types, its importance and how it works in the context of the Spanish real estate market.

What is the Contrato de Arras in Spain?

The Contrato de Arras in Spain is a private agreement between the buyer and the seller of a property in Spain. Its main objective is to guarantee the reliability and commitment of both parties in the transaction before the final signing of the deed for the purchase. This contract is made in written form and can be drawn up by a lawyer or real estate agent, although it is not strictly necessary.

Types of Contrato de Arras

There are two main types of Contrato de Arras in Spain:

  1. Confirmatory Arras: also known as penitential arras (deposits), these deposits imply that both parties are committed to the transaction. If the buyer withdraws without justified cause, the amount given as a deposit will be lost. If the seller withdraws without just cause, they must return double the amount received.
  2. Penalty Arras: in this type of contract, if any of the parties withdraws without justified cause, the innocent party is entitled to keep the amount paid as deposit as a compensation, without prejudice to the right to claim additional damages.

Importance of the Contrato de Arras in Spain

The Contrato de Arras is essential in real estate transactions in Spain for several reasons:

  1. Mutual Commitment: the deposit ensures that both parties are committed to the transaction. This avoids wasting time and resources on unserious agreements.
  2. Definition of Terms: the Contrato de Arras establishes the terms and conditions of the purchase, including the price, delivery date and other important conditions.
  3. Payment Guarantee: the delivery of an amount of money as a deposit by the buyer demonstrates their intention and ability to purchase the property.
  4. Legal Protection: in the event of non-compliance by any of the contracting parties, the Contrato de Arras provides a legal basis to claim compensation or penalties.

How Does the Contrato de Arras Work?

The typical process for a deposit contract in Spain is as follows:

  1. Negotiation: the buyer and seller agree on the terms of the sale, including the price and conditions.
  2. Arras (Deposits): the buyer delivers an agreed amount as earnest money to the seller. This amount can vary but is usually between 5% and 10% of the purchase price.
  3. The signing of the Contrato de Arras: the Contrato de Arras is signed, which details the agreed terms and the penalties in case of non-compliance.
  4. Reflection Period: from the signing of the deposit contract, both parties have a period to reflect and ensure that they wish to continue with the transaction.
  5. The signing of the Deed of Purchase: if both parties agree, the deed of purchase is signed in the presence of a notary. At this stage, the buyer makes full payment and the property is delivered.

In summary, the earnest money contract in Spain is an essential part of the property purchasing process that guarantees the seriousness and commitment of both parties. It is important to understand the different types of earnest money and their implications before embarking on a real estate transaction in Spain, and it is advisable to have the advice of a legal or real estate professional to carry out this process appropriately.

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