Officially known in Spanish as: “Declaración responsable de extravío de documentos”.

In case of loss or theft, a declaration of loss of documents must be provided to the DGT, along with a photocopy of the report.

According to the provisions of point 4 of section A) of Annex XV of Royal Decree 2822/1998, of December 23, 1998, which approves the General Vehicle Regulations, a written declaration of loss or theft of the vehicle registration certificate or license and technical inspection card or vehicle characteristics certificate will be mandatory in the event that the owner or third person who sufficiently proves ownership of a vehicle wishes to permanently withdraw it from circulation or intends to transfer it to another country where it is to be registered.

Apart from the above purpose, the declaration may be useful in applications for a duplicate or renewal of the vehicle registration certificate, duplicate vehicle documents, etc.


In the case of theft, loss, damage, or changes in your data (like a change of name to the co-official language of the Autonomous Community, or for modifications in the field of “gender”) in a driving license or a permit for the transport of dangerous goods, you can request a duplicate.

At the time of carrying out the duplicate process, your permit must be in force, otherwise, you must request a renewal of the permit. 

The duplicate of the driver’s license implies the issuance of a new document. It must be borne in mind that this issue does not alter its validity dates.

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