Download the official form TA7 to request registration, cancellation, or modification of contribution account information in PDF format.

The form TA7 is a document that is delivered to Social Security where we register, cancel, or modify contribution account information.

What is the form TA7 used for and who must submit it?

An entrepreneur has their activities audited by the Treasury for fiscal purposes. Also by the Social Security in the matter of contributions. The TA7 form is used to report certain activity changes to Social Security.

According to the instructions provided by Social Security for filling in this form, it must be used for some of the following issues:

When filling in this form, the self-employed person will have to provide all their identification details, as well as those related to the request, specifying the reasons for registration, cancellation, or change of information.

On the other hand, you must indicate the Social Security regime or the special system in which the changes will be made, details of your address, the economic activity of the company, and other information about your Social Security.

Additional documentation

In addition to the TA7 form, the entrepreneur will have to provide additional documentation. In this case, they will have to present the identification document as the owner of the company or in the case of being an individual entrepreneur.

They will also need to provide a document released by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations, in case they have requested a new Contribution Account Code to perform a different activity. This document must state what the Company’s Economic Activity consists of. They also have to include an identity document or an authorization document to make the application, in case it is presented by a person other than the company representative.

Finally, Social Security will have a maximum of 45 days to notify its decision. After that time it will be understood that this has been accepted.

If you need any type of advice with Social Security paperwork, you can contact us! It is always good to leave bureaucratic matters in the hands of specialists.