Download Form TA 0521, which is the simplified application form that must be filled out to apply for registration in Social Security as a self-employed worker, withdraw from Social Security, or simply if we want to request a modification in our data.

There are different variants of Form TA 0521, depending on the type of self-employed worker.

Who should fill out Form TA 0521 and how?

Self-employed professionals must process a series of forms throughout their activity. Public institutions such as the Tax Agency or Social Security are the ones to which you must deliver the largest volume of documents. One of those documents is Form TA 0521, which has different versions depending on the type of self-employed worker you are.

The form itself is a declaration of the start or end of your activity within the Régimen Especial de Trabajadores Autónomos (RETA) and can be delivered to the Provincial Directorate of the General Treasury of Social Security or online, accessing with your digital certificate or using Cl@ve.

The additional documentation that the self-employed worker must provide when submitting this form is their DNI or Passport, their work permit if necessary, and the original and copy of any document that proves the origin of the registration, withdrawal, or modification of data.

In addition, if it is a self-incorporated worker, the original and a copy of the deed of incorporation of the company must be provided.

Versions of Form TA 0521 for each type of self-employed worker

Of all the versions of this form, the most common is TA.0521/1, since it corresponds to a simplified sample for RETA self-employed workers. On the other hand, version TA.0521/2 is intended for collaborators of the self-employed, who are family members of the holder.

The third variant (TA.0521/3) targets religious members of the Catholic Church, while the fourth (TA.0521/4) appeals to members of worker cooperatives.

Meanwhile, the TA.0521/5 must be delivered by the partners, family members of partners or members of the administrative bodies of capitalist commercial companies.

The sixth variant of this form, TA.0521/6, would be for partners of joint ownership, civil or limited partnerships, while the seventh (TA.0521/7) is for agricultural workers.

The last variable TA.0521/8 focuses on TRADE, economically dependent self-employed workers.

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