Form 303 is the document used by self-employed workers and companies to pay the Tax Agency the  VAT collected through the invoices they have issued It is presented in quarterly statements and at the end of the year, along with the fourth quarter, it is accompanied by an annual summary (Form 390).

Who must file Form 303?

Depending on the nature of the economic activity carried out by a professional or businessman, the law regulates whether it is an activity that is exempt or subject to VAT. All those who carry out an activity subject to the tax must complete and send Form 303 to the Tax Agency

Exempt activities are those that do not carry VAT. They are exempt because they are considered to provide a benefit to society; a clear example is healthcare or training activities.

If said activity is not considered to fulfil a social purpose, the law says that it is an activity subject to VAT and a certain percentage will be added to the price of the products or services offered.

Form 303 will be used when the General Tax Regime and the simplified Regime are applied. This information can be consulted in the Tax Agency registration Form 037 or 036.

The following taxpayers do not have to file this form: those taxpayers to whom the Recargo de Equivalencia Regime and the Special Regime for Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing are applicable.

Whatever the result of the declaration (to be returned, to be deposited, to be offset or without activity), it is mandatory to present this quarterly declaration.

Ways of filing VAT form 303:

  1. By using the Cl@ve PIN or by presenting the pre-declaration document of Form 303. Only those individuals and entities are not required to obtain an electronic certificate.
  2. Through the use of electronic certificates:  entities with the legal form of SA and SL; as well as those registered in the Registro de Devolución Mensual (Monthly Return Register or REDEME); must send their returns online with a recognised electronic certificate (electronic certificate or DNI-e). Also the Public Administrations, those taxpayers are assigned to the Central Delegation for Large Taxpayers or to one of the Management Units for Large Companies.

All other entities (cooperatives, associations, foundations…) will file self-assessments online with an electronic certificate or with a printed pre-declaration.

When must Form 303 be submitted?

Form 303 for VAT self-assessment must be completed on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on what has been communicated in form 036/037.

When it comes to the monthly deadline, the presentation period goes from the 1st to the 30th of the month following the settlement period, or until the last day of the month of February in the case of self-assessment corresponding to the month of January.

Form 310 is presented and deposited on the first 20 calendar days of April, July and October, therefore the following period is the filing period:

The fourth quarter must be submitted between January 1 and January 30 of the following year. The form that is necessarily presented is Form 311.

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