Download official Form 115. Withholdings and payments on account. Income or profits from the lease or sublease of urban property.

This form is submitted quarterly to the Tax Agency. It is used to report the price you pay for renting your office. It is also used to pay the IRPF quota derived from the rent.

The IRPF fee is not the amount of money that you give to the owner of the premises at the time. It is the money that you keep and then give to the tax authorities on their behalf.

Form  115  is the self-assessment that entrepreneurs, professionals and companies must complete, in the first twenty calendar days of the months of April, July, October and January, for the presentation of the quarterly declaration of withholdings for leases or subleases of urban real estate.

Who has to file Form 115?

Only one type of self-employed worker is required to file these taxes. These are those who develop an economic activity in a place for which they pay rent.

It can be an office, a store, a workshop or a warehouse. The only condition is that the amount of rent you pay is more than €900 per year. If you are lucky enough to have a lower income, you are totally exempt.

This form does not have to be presented when:

How do I fill in the form?

To fill out form 115 you have to be very clear about the basis for withholdings or deposits on account. That is the fixed base that you pay each month multiplied by the 3 months that make up a quarter.

You also have to know the withholdings and payments on account  (in 2016 it was 19% of the base) and you can directly go to fill in the result.

To submit this form you can go to the  Tax Agency website or you can get advice from us.