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Our specialists analyze your personal situation, prepare your Income Tax Return, present it to the Agencia Tributaria and manage the corresponding refunds.

Choose the type of return you need to file:

Income Tax Return 2023

It’s time to file your Income Tax Return 2023 – 2024 in Spain! We assist you with the whole process.

Tax Return with Beckham Law

If you are a beneficiary of the Beckham Law you can file your Income Tax Return today and take advantage of this tax benefit!

Non-Resident Income Tax

Are you a non-resident for tax purposes in Spain? Find out why you need to file this declaration and how to do it!

Late Income Tax Return

If you have fallen behind with the filing of your Income Tax Return, don’t worry, we have the solution!

Don't know which one you should file? Let our experts advise you!

File your Modelo 720!

Do you have assets abroad with a value of more than 50.000€? Then you should make this informative asset declaration. Find out how to file it and what documentation you need.

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Lucio Sanguinetti
Lucio Sanguinetti
Me atendió Valentina y supo responder todas mis dudas y consultas
Charles Cifuentes
Charles Cifuentes
Me han asesorado en todo el proceso para la obtención de la residencia como teletrabajador internacional (nómada dígital) y voy a seguir utilizando sus servicios para los siguientes trámites.
Louis shared such valuable information! You hear scary stories about taxes in other countries, and taxes are complicated, but he made us feel comfortable and answered all of our questions.
Gloriya Haralanova
Gloriya Haralanova
Ha sido un placer!!! Gracias por la atención y rapidez. Muy contenta ☀️
Maikol Labrador
Maikol Labrador
Excelente asesoría. Lo que más me gustó es que no sólo me explicaron con mucha claridad a mis inquietudes. Sino que post asesoría el equipo de entretramites envía un correo estructurado con los puntos de la conversación y documentación de apoyo. Gracias por su trabajo.
Isadora Escorza
Isadora Escorza
I had a great consultation call with Gabriela. She answered all my questions regarding taxes in Spain and also provided me good counseling about the administrative side of things.
Camille Evrard
Camille Evrard
Can’t recommend Louis and Entre Trámites enough. Used them to get my residential NIE and apply for the Beckham Law. Everything was easy and quick. Fabian, who was my gestor, was very responsive and helpful!

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Assets that must be declared include:

  • Money in bank accounts.
  • Real estate.
  • Shares of stock.
  • Life insurance policies.

Keep in mind that these assets can benefit from a number of tax benefits that could help you reduce any unnecessary tax payments.

If you are not quite sure exactly what to declare, simply contact us and we will advise you.

In all plans, you will have the same advantages at the time of hiring, such as:

  • After contracting your manager will contact you to learn more about your personal situation, the exact obligations you need to declare, and the benefits that may apply to your case (e.g. Beckham Law).
  • We will prepare and file your tax return for you.
  • We will continue to contact you to keep you informed about the procedure and any additional requirements that may be needed.
  • We will deduct all applicable expenses so you can save more money.

Once you hire our service, we will indicate the specific documentation we need for your particular case. You have up to 30 days to send it or up to 10 days before the deadline.

On April 3, the online filing period for the Renta 2023 in Spain will begin. The last day will be July 1 (or until June 26 if direct debit is required).


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To file your Income Tax Return 2023 – 2024, if you only have income from Spain, you can go directly to the contracting link in our services section. However, if you need to declare international assets/income you can simply fill in this form which will give you a personalized quote including only what you need to declare.

Take a look at all our plans and see which one best suits your needs.

Payments must be made by debit or credit card.

Yes, you can request cancellation of the service as long as your personal manager has NOT started to handle your documentation to initiate the process. The money will be refunded to your card in less than 14 days.

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