Work and settle in Spain paying only 24% of taxes with the Beckham Law

Main requirements:

Not having resided in Spain for the last 5 years

You can't apply for it if you were a tax resident in Spain in previous years.

All your business must be carried out in Spain

If some of your duties are carried out abroad, they cannot represent more than 15% of your total activity.

Income from Spanish clients

You should prove that the income generated in Spain does not represent more than 20% of your total earnings.

Your family can also apply

Your closest relatives, like your spouse and descendants can also apply for this benefit.

Do you meet all the requirements?

You can apply for the Beckham Law if you are...

Step-by-step process

Register with
the Tax Agency

Before starting the application process, you must be registered in the Census of Taxpayers through Form 030.

Send the

The documents vary according to each case, but you must always file Form 149, which is specific to the Beckham Law.

Reply to

The AEAT will contact you to clarify certain aspects of the application, such as when additional documentation is required. You must respond within 10 days.

Resolution of the

If it is approved, you will be able to apply for this regime and obtain a certificate that you will have to send to your employer so that they can apply the withholding rate of the Beckham Law.

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jhony jhon
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Andrew Means
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Lisa Ramaseder
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Arnell ArnTessoni
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Sean Corcoran
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Beckham Law Application

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Income Tax Return

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  • If you have one salary.
  • You will declare bank interests only.

Income Tax Return

  • Filing of your Income Tax Return.
  • If you have more than one salary.
  • Need to declare other asset income in Spain (like property rental, dividends, capital gains or others).

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